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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Snickerdoodles for Bambino

Yesterday I baked some cookies for the Prospector to take up to Pine Crest Lake. This is an annual event for the fathers , sons and daughters of the family. We moms are not allowed on this trip. It's a tradition. This will be my little bambino bean's first time going up there with his daddy and papa.

So this morning the Bean and his daddy arrived early. Papa hooked the boat to daddy's suv and Papa already had the tent trailer hook up to the truck. I gave the Bean his very own pail with cookies, grapes and things to play with. He had to have a cookie but check out the look on his face. He took a bite. He acted, at first, like he wasn't sure about the cookie, he savored the bite for a minute and then he smiled his sweet little smile and said "That's good Noni. Would you like a bite?" I answered "I'd love one", and took a bite.

"Thank you" I said
and Bean said "Lets go outside".
I said "Ok" and we put the cookies in the pail, which he picked up and never let go of.
He had the cookie in his right hand and I told him to hold it up high so Mokie couldn't grab it.
We got through the gate before Moke saw us and Bean went to Papa and said "Papa, want a bite?"
The Prospector said "Sure" and took a bit. Then Bean went over to his daddy and offered him a bite.
My son took a bite and said "Yum". He looked at me and said "Thanks". I gave him the big bag of cookies.

Bean gave me another bite of his cookie and his daddy finished off the rest of it.
We took a couple of pictures of him in the boat and then Daddy put him in his car seat and as they got ready to drive off, gripping his pail with both hands, " Noni, aren't you coming too?"....., Oh how I wanted to go with him, but someone has to stay here and feed the goats, the chickens and the dogs. Someone has to water everything and take care of the farm. This is the "Guy" trip: Fishing, sleeping in tents and for my little bean, learning to float in the lake and make the same memories that my boys did so long ago.
" Not this time Bean, I have to stay here and take care of the animals. But maybe next time, Ok?"
"Ok, Bye." and they left.

I know they will have a great time. Making memories: Cooking dinners, swimming , camping, sleeping in a tent together but next year I think I'm going to break a tradition and go with them...., next year I won't be standing in the driveway saying goodby.

Take care guys and watch the Bean closely. I'll miss you.
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  1. It had to be difficult to watch those men drive off with the little one. I hope they don't brain wash him with all of this Men's Trip stuff so that when you try to sneak away with them next year he won't say, "Sorry Nonni you can't go"....

    It is sort of neat that they have their little tradition though. So many families tend to drift apart as they grow older and things they did when younger are placed on a shelf somewhere to be memories of the past.

  2. so precious we can feel your heart for the little man and what a sweet child! I know these are old posts but since I just discovered you and am reading away I might make a comment or two, or three.


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