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Monday, August 4, 2008

Introducing Freckles. Painting the goat house and flowers in the garden.

First of all...., I want to tell you about one of our goats. This is Freckles. He is the smallest, sweetest Nubian of them all. Bart is " leader of the pack", Brownie is our lovable loner with an attitude and Murphy..., well you all know about Murphy: He's the celebrity( immortilized in verse and art at: terrybusse.blogspot.com on June 8).
Our little Freckles still wants a bottle of milk, cries like a baby when he gets a shot, and tags along behind Murph' like a lady in waiting. Freckles is my sweet baby. He always get pushed out of the way when there is hay or grain to eat but he just goes in at a different angle and eventually gets his fill. He's never pushy, he doesn't complain too much and he always seem to get along with the other goats, even when they are being..., well, you know..., goats. He's kind and gentle and he ALWAYS comes to me with that sweet look in his eyes and no ulterior motives. He loves to have his neck and head rubbed and I almost expect him to say "Thank You" afterwards. He's a truly good goat.

Yes, I'm still painting. The gray color is the primer. The red is what I WAS going to paint the whole shed but then I decided not to. I did a test section and thought that it was just too bright for the whole building. I think I would like a gray-brown color with white trim. I know I'm being a bit particular about this, but color is important, specially when I'm do'in it. Also, I might look at red differently if it wasn't in the high 90's this week. I'm almost done with the primer coat which is soaking into this siding like a sponge. Then I can get the top coat on. Then...., I can decorate my windowless wall with STUFF. I'm still open to ideas for "the big blank wall".

...., and, to close, I want to show you my flowers in the vegetable garden.
I still don't know what was eating the leaves on the sunflowers but the two survivors are blooming anyway. I planted two packages of sunflowers and these are the only ones left. I'm convinced the birds got the seeds in the ground but it's definitely a story of survival

So, my friends, be like the sunflower and turn toward the sun, show the world your wear and tear, and "Bloom where you are planted".
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  1. Love the RED paint go for it, don't be timid it'll look like a little magazine cover shoot.
    Go out at night with a flash light and check for beetles,...or make a little lake of beer around the plants and see if you can drown whatever it is. Traps are good.

  2. ps little Nubien goats are precious, but the boy's grow up to be Billy goats and they pee in their beards! You better neuter them while they are little. Pioneer Woman has posts about calf nuts yours can be goat nuts, sounds too much like a menu for me, ewwww....


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