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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vintage Thursday

I was cleaning up the kitchen yesterday morning and I moved this surup pitcher to clean the counter. My mind went directly to VTT and I realized that one of my vintage kitchen things had never had it's Thursday moment of fame. I'm not sure how this got over looked. Probably one of those times when I was coming and going down to the Bay Area and it just slipped my seive of a mind. This pitcher sits here on the sink all the time because I just love the look of it and the colors are so cheerful.
My friend Karen gave it to me for my birthday. We had a rather late birthday lunch and exchange of gifts some months back and she had found this beautiful surup pitcher for me. It's in perfect condition and is hand painted. It stands 9.5 inches tall and holds a lot of surup. It just makes you want to make waffles or pancakes. I think it's just a wonderful example of how important breakfast was back in the day, when everyone sat down together and actually ate the same thing( that Mom fixed). This lovely pitcher represents a different time when tables where "set" and Moms cared about how the morning table looked.
This thin little recipe book was my Mothers. It was published ( and I hate to admit this ) the year I was born~1944. Oh well, sometimes you just have to "suck it up" and be honest.
I love the illustrations which are more like the 30's than the 40's . I found a recipe for Prunola in it and that was a very popular dessert at the time. Years later, when I took Home Economics in High School, it was the recipe of choice for class and it's name was changed to "Prune Whip". Made it sound more classy. Like a dance..., Let's all do the PRUNE WHIP. Does anyone remember Prune Whip? Come on..., be honest. I know someone must remember making prune whip, and aprons in "Home Eck".

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  1. I LOVE the syrup pitcher. We had plain clear glass ones at the church camp I attended each summer. Fun memories in that little syrup bottle!!!!

  2. I love to eat dry prunes straight from the container.

    I was served prune whip in my college dormitory. I never had heard of it before that and haven't seen it since. I didn't really like it.

    I just looked it up in my Joy of Cooking book and there are recipes for two kinds. One is like a souffle and is baked. The other is eggless and cold. The second kind sounds like what I ate.

  3. What a cute little syrup pitcher. I just adore the colors and it looks to be in mint condition. Lovely.

    Thanks for stopping in today with your goodies! Have a great VTT.

  4. Love the syrup hug, it's very classy! And red!
    I still have my Home Ec apron from seventh grade, I posted it one week for VTT. My Mum wore it for 45 yrs till it was threadbare.
    Never heard of Prunola, sounds like something they would serve for breakfast at the retirement home,LOL!

  5. I must admit, I am intrigued by Prune Whip! I know prunes get a bad rap, but I like them. That syrup pitcher is so pretty! I've seen them at antique stores before, for a pretty penny. I agree with you about it being a reminder of a simpler time, when Mom set the table, and everyone ate together. Can't remember the last time we did that!

  6. Love the syrup pitcher. there is something about that red flower....

  7. What a lovely syrup pitcher. It would look good on the breakfast table of course along with some homemade waffles. I must admit I have never heard of prune whip. Have a great day Connie.

  8. Great syrup pitcher...it does cry out to be on the table next to the pancakes!

    I don't remember prune whip but I do remember eggs in the basket from Home Ec.

  9. You also have some very old books. I enjoyed your post and appreciate you stopping by mine.

  10. Its wonderful... and big! Held lots of homemade syrup in its day I bet.

    Sorry, never have had prune whip... I'm thinkin' thats a good thing :-p

  11. Seeing your syrup picture has made me hungry for waffles. It is beautiful.

    Never heard of Prune Whip. Sounds like something a mother concocted to get her kids to take prunes.

  12. love your syrup pitcher.. would looks great in the summer with a big jug of lemonade to go with it.. thanks for sharing and happy VTT

  13. Saw your comment, and it's not JUST you! Seriously there have been a LOT of post about the coast in Ca and i just had an attack of beach withdrawals. Thanks for your note and I think it would be a good idea to plan a trip.

  14. i love your sweet little syrup pitcher :)

  15. Ooo, the little pitcher is just wonderful..and the recipe book is definately a good one. I collect vintage cookbooks..(and any other cookbooks :)..and would love to have this one. Happy belated VTT..have a lovely weekend.

  16. i think it is special and wonderful that you have a recipe book that belonged to your mother- i love the syrup bottle too!


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