Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why? The Fly.

The Fly

God in his wisdom made the fly
And then forgot to tell us why.

~Ogden Nash~

Last night a fly kept bothering me while I was on the computer and I remembered this poem by Ogden Nash. This was one of the first poems I ever learned. I always laugh when I think of it.
As I watched the fly sitting on the book in front of me, It appeared that it might be looking at me too and I remembered a Zen saying written about this small insect....
"Don't kill him!
the fly, it wrings it's hands,
it's feet." ~Issa~

And so..., as I am always in the habit of doing, I looked this creature up in the Insect book. It is a Blue Bottle Fly:Calliphora vomitoria (Oh my!) in the Blow Fly family. It might have been a female because they often enter open houses and buzz loudly when they can't find an exit.

I won't even tell you what they feed on. It would ruin your weekend.There are 8 to 10 generations a year; not exactly an endangered species. They don't live long but tend to reek havoc while alive and they can also transmit diseases.

So, as interesting as it was to have an encounter with this shiny, metallic nervous creature, I will still have a fly swatter handy inside the house. These are not your average "Don't kill them, they're harmless." insect. If it goes from carrion to my dinner table and carries diseases, it's a "persona non grata" in my book.

Still..., I wonder why..., the Fly?

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  1. I have always heard tha flies to carry diseases. That is why I too have a fly swatter handy at all times. Another great post. Have a blessed day, Connie.

  2. I can live with most of God's Creation as long as it does not negatively impact my heslth & welfar, flies, roaches, & their ilk in my home, not acceptable!
    Have you seen those tennis racquet- looking bug swatters? Very efficient, $5 at Harbor Freight!

  3. They're bad enough, flying around the house, putting their dirty little feet on things and leaving diseases... but the thought of those eyes looking at me, REALLY gives me the shivers!

  4. What a fun post. Why the fly??? I guess even frogs need to eat. lol.

  5. My youngest son has "taught" me to be more appreciative of insects, but there are still some of the little creatures (like flies) that I detest!

    P.S. Love that little poem by Nash!

  6. you're pretty quick with that camera. I want to read your book on chickens :-)

  7. Bless you for seeing a different side of the fly. For me, I kill them as fast as I can. My swatter is always handy. Thank you for dropping by my post.


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