Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Friday, June 5, 2009

Being Home and Catching Up

I finally feel like I'm getting some things done around here. Even though I haven't unpacked everything from my last trip, I feeling like I can take a deep breath and let that small place inside of me (that gets in a knot once in a while) quiet down and settle into this place I call "home".
First of all, before I become an ingrate in Susabella's eyes I want to thank her for the beautiful pearl earrings that I won. She had a giveaway on her great blog Susabella's Creative Pursuits...., and I won..., just by leaving a comment and being one of the names in the drawing. As you can see, Sue, I thought your idea of taking a photograph of the earrings hooked onto a crystal glass was really a cool way to show them off. So I stole your idea and did the same thing with my beautiful new earrings. Thank you so much. I think they're just lovely and I will wear them often.

The Pupster is wiped out from his first day at Puppy School. He was so good and did everything he was suppose to. They said that he is a very mellow little guy "...for a Corgi". What ever do they mean? Of course he is. We have only the BEST and most wonderful dogs here on 3 Dog Farm.

Wednesday evening I went out with Carl and Maggie to let them do their rounds and leave their marks. A big storm had blown through just minutes before and I thought that this lull in the rain was our opportunity to get some exercise.
This was what greeted us.....
Sometimes I just have to stand in awe of Nature's gifts. I understand the science of this, but I can see why some people look at a rainbow and see God's reassurance . There is a beauty and light to it that speaks of a promise that there will be no more "rain" in life, but I know that there is far more to it. As long as I'm here there will be rain, lightening and thunder. It's always in our lives, sometimes even on a clear day. I think the trick is to look for the storms passing, to honor that light in between, that ray of color stretching across the sky and know that each "storm" brings life to this earth and lessons. Lessons of seeing what is..., lessons of understanding and strength. I only have to open the door and stand on the edge of the precipice .., I only have to be still and listen.
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  1. I would never think you were an ingrate - you've already thanked me and I'm so glad you like them. You captured them better than I was able to! Wear them in good health.

    Your pupster is a cutie! Love the tummy!

    What a beautiful rainbow you captured. Your photos are really great.

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your post is extremely peaceful and relaxing today. Lovely earrings, congrats on winning them.
    Have a wonderful week end.

  3. Being still and listening . . . that's where I am on this blustery day.

    Welcome back to that quiet place called home.

  4. Those earrings are lovely.

    So happy for Koda doing well in class. What a good boy. My mom is bringing home a mini dachshund. I'm hoping she will enroll in a puppy class, since I will probably be called on to puppysit.

    Beautiful rainbow! God never promises no more rain/storms, just no more destroying, all consuming floods (ie no more than he has equipped us to handle). He is Good, always.

  5. Glad you won the earrings they are just lovely. I just love the picture of the rainbow. Have a great day, Connie.

  6. beautiful ear rings and even more beautiful rainbow :)

  7. At our CO. homesite we have absolutely fabulous & frequent rainbows over the valley that drops 2,000ft. below our home. Even often double rainbows & I have to take two pics to get the entire arc in the photo. God reminds us constantly of His presence & Sovereignty in & over the world.


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