Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Sunday, October 20, 2013


"Beauty is a primeval phenomenon...
which itself never makes its appearance,
but the reflection of which is visible in a thousand different utterances of the creative mind.
And is as varied as nature herself. "

( ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~ german playwright, poet, novelist and dramatist. 1749-1832)

I've thought a lot about creativity and art lately. I believe that what we see as beautiful in our minds eye is a reflection of our own vision of how the world is. In photography, we try to recreate what it is that we have seen. But very often, the reflected image is not like the reality. We can't create the same reality so we get artistic and do something that becomes more about who we are. 
I love the old Zen saying that says, "I love reality. It tastes like bread.", but sometimes it's white bread and it has no nutritional value. That's when I go into the kitchen and bake, because I want more than just the plain ol' "reality" bread.
 All of our life experiences and the shield of protective bandages that we wear from years of trying to escape the threat of being different, don't allow us to see what is possible. We have to look for it.
 The world, viewed through a crystal ball is upside down... as is the image in a camera... as are the receptors in our eyes. If we only saw the world in this way, we would not be seeing reality, but an image that was without gravity and our feet would not be on the ground, but in the sky. As an artist, this is a very special place that calls my name.
I think that this place, inside the ball, is where creativity begins. It is the place where art becomes the reflection of our mind, not the actuality of the world. This is the place where a person can make their own reality.
This is the "multi grain" reality that allows creativity. 
 Some control their passions... but for some there is no limit. I admire these people... The ones that don't let the structure of their lives control their ability to create. They create a life that allows them this freedom. 

"...a thousand different utterances of the creative mind."  I love this. Do you see the reflections of your creative mind?
 I found someone there, inside the crystal ball, this morning. It was not a clear image but she was there and she smiled. Maybe she will find something interesting to shoot with her camera... maybe she will capture me, sitting in my living room, trying to figure out all of this.
 Do you hear the voice in the crystal ball? Does it make you want to look inside and give you a different perspective? Does the voice say, "Yes, you can do this. Use your imagination. Create." I hope so.


  1. amen.. be creative. have fun, see the magic in the world...even in everyday....really cool pics.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful, and your words thought provoking. There is an argument among photographers about editing; the purists insist we should not retouch but represent what is real. I have chosen to use my photography as a means to allow others to see inside of me...the beauty that I imagine or wish to see. Therefore I take full artistic license when editing...no apologies. Ugliness indeed exists, but it need not live in my imagination or art...unless I allow it.

  3. Oh, very nice! The message and photos are beautiful.

  4. Great post. Very interesting and true. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. Good morning Sis, You were doing some heavy thinking at midnight last night.Your photos and words were awesome. Never doubt for a minute that you are an artist. I know you are.I think struggling to understand what that means comes with the package. Love,Lisa

  6. Thank you for this comment, Debora. I wanted others to weight in on this subject and you have. I agree that creating a photo means using all the post processing choices that we need. It's part of the whole "process". (Even what paper you use to print the photo.)
    Using all the artistic nuances at hand to create a piece of art, including a photograph, is what any good artist does. Those who say that "no editing" is the only way to prove you're a good photographer lack, in my opinion, imagination. Thinking "inside" the globe of creativity is just like thinking outside the box.
    Keep creating. Connie

  7. "...see the magic in the world... even in the everyday."
    Yes, Brian. As with your wonderful poems, we must see the magic in every thing. Your words are the core of your creative world. You use words like the eye of my camera. A creative capitol letter, the placement of a word, and the ability to see the "Magic" in the ordinary, makes each of your poems a work of art.
    Thanks for always commenting on my posts.

  8. How timely! I was just sitting here this morning being inspired by so many images and people in my world. The changing leaves, the Hunters moon, the fog lifting and the sun shining through. So right that what we see is not quite what is there but then that's where the creativity comes in. How our minds decide to turn these images into our own reality be it fantasy or real is really the beauty of all creativeness! Well said Connie....and those images through your crystal ball are STUNNING!

  9. Love your portrait in the crystal ball most of all.

  10. P.S I just read the comments between you and Debora and I agree 100%! Sometimes we wish the image would come out as we see it but at the same time it's within the nature of the artist to see what we can do with all of the tools given to us. Even when the photo is what I want, I still have the desire to play with it as I would any piece of art I'm creating. The great thing about photography is that you can still retain the original image as well.

  11. Oh, Kerry. I knew that you would understand this post, my friend. You and I see the world with the same sense of wonder and a creative dose of realism.
    Thank you for the lovely responses.

  12. Hi Connie! I love this post! What wonderful inspiration you wrote, it is fabulous. I will get my crystal ball out tomorrow and see what appears!! I love the lady you saw in yours, smiling at you!! Thanks for such a sweet comment you left, you are a doll, and I loved seeing you and Lisa agin. It made the trip for sure.

    Have an incredibly creative week!


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