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Friday, October 25, 2013

Guess where we went yesterday?... and something in the mail when we got home.

I can't write a long post today. Have to do some things I should have done yesterday but didn't, because the Prospector and I took a drive.
It involved fishing.
and hopes for a limit of fish for dinner.
A day of sitting in the sun.
and taking lots of photos that sparkled in the Autumn sun.
But the story will have to wait until I have an early start and some time to organize some shots from my camera.

When we got home there was a small package in the mail. My handmade winter hat came from Amity, Oregon. It happen like this.
 A woman named Michelle writes a blog called Boulderneigh. It's about her homeschooling, horse training, animal loving, garden growing farm, her Shetland sheep and her love of spinning and knitting.You have to take a look because, first of all, you are going to love her blog header photo. This is the all time greatest sheep photo I think I have ever seen... and you will never see such beautiful sheep with names and personalities on any other blog.
Anyway, I read this post... a week ago, and fell in love with the little hat that nobody wanted. So I wrote in my comment that I loved the little hat and if she wanted to sell it to me... I would buy it.
She wrote back and said to make her an offer. I did. She said "Yes", and she promptly sent me the lovely hat.
It's beautiful, very well made...
And... it fits.
I can wear it like this to hold my hair back or I can pull it down over my ears for my hikes on cold, windy days and working in the garden.
(The color is really different in the last photo because I took the hat into the bathroom with different light and forgot to change my white balance setting from sunlight to incandescent. Oops!)
The hat is charming, made well and I just love it.
Since I still have socks on my knitting "bucket list" I think I will take "knit cap", off ,because my attempt would never look this good... so why would I even try. Socks will be a big enough effort.
The hat is washable and the most beautiful blue... It doesn't have the wool from one of Michelle's sheep in it, or their name attached, but I love it anyway.  
Thanks Michelle, the little hat has a loving, new home and will be well used.


  1. It was honor to create something that made you want it so, Connie. Thank-you for the supreme compliment of purchasing it; may it keep you warm for the rest of your winters!

  2. The hat is lovely I know you will enjoy it. Hope you caught lots of fish on you fishing trip. Have a blessed evening and great weekend. Madeline

  3. That hat is gorgeous. Love the blue colour and the way it fits your little blonde head!! Beautiful.

  4. hey pretty hat! ah how fun would it be to sit on the banks and just fish...so you did catch more than the one right?

  5. You made the most of a beautiful fall day. Sure looks inviting to sit in the sun and enjoy the water and the fish!

    The blue hat is so pretty...and looks great on you! Good picture!


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