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Friday, June 8, 2012

Look who came for dinner...

The Prospector had a birthday today.
Yesterday he brought "The Other Woman" home to live here permanently. I will forgive him this one indiscretion in all our years together, because I know that if I say, "It's me or that CAR." I may not like the answer I get.
We have had it in storage since last year, but decided we didn't want to pay the monthly fee anymore. This would save us some money and he could be closer to her. With a "body built by Fisher" I guess I should worry about her, but  what can I really do. She's ours now. I need to embrace her and accept her for what she is. The "Other Woman" is not leaving here again accept for a facelift or a makeover.
She will live here under a tarp, even through The Prospector would prefer her to be tucked away in the garage... but then my car would have to be outside. That isn't going to happen.
She is a beauty. I know this.
Someday he will be able to restore this lovely object of his desire. I hope it's not too far down the road. Maybe on his next birthday.
Can you believe that we put the battery back in and the old car started right up after a few turn overs. She must have really wanted to come home with us. It was fun to follow behind her on the way home. She goes with the old road we live on. I secretly want to drive her down town and show her off some day. She turns heads you know. I actually love this car. She's a survivor. She was built in 1948. She's younger than us and in very good shape.

The Prospector's Birthday was a quiet one... just the two of us. He had to go down to the valley for a meeting all day, so when he got home we had a nice dinner and I made Boston Creme Cupcakes for dessert. Our sons called to wish him a happy day. He liked that.
And... look who came back to visit us for his birthday.
The little screech owl, flew in around lunchtime. What a surprise! The hummer's were not happy about his arrival. One of them kept buzzing around the little owl.
 But he just stared them down. He watched me taking pictures of him and even though he had cobwebs all over his face, he didn't move.
It's been months since his last visit. I love the cobwebs on the face. Makes his fierce little stare kind of cute and funny, like big foot wearing a fake beard.
The Prospector was delighted to see that the little owl had returned on his birthday. I think it's kind of a good luck sign. I hope he sticks around.
Happy Birthday, my love. May all the years ahead be happy and healthy ones.


  1. An owl on your birthday?!?!?!? Awesome. The cars pretty cool too, but got trumped by the owl ;-).

  2. yay on the return of the owl...kinda makes you wonder what he has been up to with the cobwebs...ha....and happy birthday to the prospector...and she is a beaut...smiles.

  3. "happy birthday my love"
    what a gift that is

    and as for the owl....you made me laugh...and sister, I needed that...he is adorable withthe web..but your comment about bigfoot..just cracked me up..so visual....and the hummer..I would have missed that
    and the car....swoon ...even I am in love with the old broad..that's what they called gutsy women back then....and starting up like that...gutsy
    have fun with your new girlfriend...and Happy birthday Prospector

  4. She is a beauty, sort of the Elizabeth Taylor of cars. And the little owl with cobweb whiskers is so cute. What a nice BDay gift to the Prospector.

  5. It's hard to hate the "other woman" when she so lovely. =)

    How fun would it be the drive around town? There is a car club here and we see old cars driving around all the time. I love it!

  6. Happy late birthday to your husband. I love the car and can see why your husband and you have fallen in love with it. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Happy Birthday to a man with very good taste in cars. Connie we had an screech in Sutter Creek and he flew by our window at the same time each night; I could set my clock by him!

  8. I hope The Prospector had a wonderful birthday yesterday! The Screech Owl is beautiful! I have a pair of bluebirds that have nested in a nearby tree and am enjoying feeding them mealworms ~ I'm going to miss them when they leave! I hope you both have a lovely weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday--- and happy anniversary! A stellar month!

  10. Might as well have the other woman move in where you can see what's going on! She will be an absolute stunner when she finished with her makeovers and facelifts.
    The return of the little owl must have been a special gift. He does look so cute!

  11. Love the car and I am not even a car person. I also really like the owl, but alas, alak, Bruno and Cletus could not allow him quarter here with all the chicks to worry about. I never had a Bostom Cream Cupcake, but now you have given me a craving for a Boston Cream pie, and here I have been so good lately!

  12. How darn cute he is with those cobwebs...I love antiques and antics! Heh!


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