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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Messing around with filters from an old camera

Do you know that the old Nikon lens that you used on your Nikon film camera will fit your new digital camera???
I know! I get really excited about things like this. But, I love these kinds of discoveries.
This is our old Nikon EM film camera (above). It's a beauty. I haven't used it for a long time... NEEDS FILM. What a drag.
But, the other day I was looking at all the attachments and checking to see if any of  them worked on my Nikon D40 camera. Some do, it seems.
The close up lens do...
And so does this yellow Spectrum 7 optical filter.

I've only begun to explore what I can do with these lens and filters but look at this...

This is a photo of the oak trees outside the bedroom window taken with my Nikon d40 and the yellow optical filter.
They come out looking like impressionist paintings.
This is one that I lightened and sharpened on Picasa3.
This filter gives the trees a magical quality that is beyond anything I can get without the filter. I need to go outside on a sunny day and see what happens using this filter. It seems to darken the shot quite a bit, but if I'm in really bright light it will probably have a light softening affect on the picture.
I just love the ethereal look to the subject matter.

Then I tried the three close up lenses. They were a Pro 52 +1, +2 and +3 lens. I threaded them all on my Nikon and ...take a look.
Carl... up close and personal.

These are not cropped photos. This is how close I was able to get with these lenses. Cool ! The only thing that I noticed was the dark corners. I'm not sure if this was the result of using three lenses all at the same time or what this was. I'm not sure how to avoid this.
I need to keep reading up on what these lenses do and how to use them.
That means a day on the Internet.
And that isn't going to happen this weekend BECAUSE....
We got a phone call yesterday and my son, my daughter in law and THE BEANS are coming up tomorrow night and will be here for the weekend.
I took a few more photos outside yesterday, without any special lenses.
So I present them to you as a pre Easter gift.
Have a good weekend.

The garden toad says Happy Easter.
 The sky, the Tulip tree and the mountains say Happy Easter, too
 And the real, little toad says "Please don't step on me."


  1. What wonderful photos. I know you will have a great and blessed Easter weekend with your son, daughter-in-law and grandsons. Happy Easter to you all. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. ha...never step on the toad....and the garden toad is cute...have fun with that bean...

    that was a pretty cool discovery with the lens...much fun to be had now...

  3. Your photos are great. I'm a nikon gal, too. Happy Easter...SO happy for you that your loved ones are coming home!
    xo, Cheryl

  4. I wish you lots of fun playing with your re-discovered toys - after you've had a wonderful Easter with your family. (The close up lens shots are fantastic!)

  5. Thats really cool! My camera doesn't have any threads on the lens so I don't think I can use my old ones. I did buy some film a while back and shot off a roll of film in about half an hour! Jeez, I remember when a roll could last a whole weekend! I like the dark edges.
    Happy Easter to you and your tribe...

  6. Love all your photos, always! Have a wonderful Easter and good times with your Bean. Love T


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