Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Sunday, February 6, 2011

To My Friends...

Please have patience..... all of you who are braving the longest winter of your lives. I hear you out there. You are trying to be optimistic and brave but Ol' Mother Nature is chewing you up and spitting you out in so many areas of the country.
I just want to say....Hang in there.
I see the snow that covers everything and makes it so difficult for you to get in the car and drive anywhere. Everything you do is an effort and the threat of another storm looms. To my farming friends.... the water will thaw and the mud will dry. To my city friends.... the snow will melt and the sun will warm your faces.
One day you're on the dark side of Winter.....
And you find yourself only facing one side of the world. 
But the sun will come back and the warmth will return with it.
  It always does.
Life is two sided.
  Pull back the dead leaves and the lingering snow. Take a look at what is coming.

How the Pittosporum prepares for it's yearly fragrant show.

and the little frog who winks at you from the yard art in the lavender.

Come sit on my porch, in the sunshine. Warm your bones and feel the sun on your face. I'll fix you some tea and bring you a sweater. The air is still cold but the sun feels so good.
Read the wall hanging that I gave to my mom many years ago and now hangs next to my front door.
  Sit here as long as you want.... until you know, in your heart, that Spring is coming. Until the sun sets.... as it always does and life feels good again.


  1. Many thanks for the seat in the sun :)
    and for the reminder that we'll be enjoying days like this soon!

    I can't wait to see your garden once the flowers begin to bloom.

  2. Love your photos! Proof that Spring is just around the corner.


    P.S. If you are ever interested in submitting one of your photos for my Wordless Wednesday post, let me know.

  3. Yes! We all need reminders that there IS an end in sight...so nice to see a wicker chair in the sun, outside!

  4. I WANT TO COME & SIT! (Do you have any margaritas?)(evil grin)...
    we were able to get out and walk 3 miles with Chelse on the rails to trails today...that was WONDERFUL!
    XO, Cheryl

  5. I surely do love your garden faces, Connie!

  6. Hanging in here farmlady!!! I did see some signs of spring today!!

  7. This was a very lovely post and reminder that spring will soon be here. The sun finally came out here today got up to 50 degrees so I did get out and filled my bird feeders so the birds would have some food and just walked around the yard picking up twigs that had fallen and put them in the burning pile. Your pictures are great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. How uplifting this post must be to others who are suffering from all that snow.

    On this side of the world it's just darn hot but I'd much prefer that to your freezing conditions.

    I love the optimistic attitude you share here!

  9. Really enjoyed your comparison thoughts on people and weather. Never really thought of that way. You are a deep thinker.

  10. What a wonderful way to start my morning. First cup of coffee and I choose to visit here. Smile.

    I might stay awhile...thank you.


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