Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Friday, February 11, 2011

Felting... with cows.

"I see you......"
" Hey, where are you going? I just want to take your picture."
"Mommy, mommy, It's the lady that makes that clicking noise."
Run baby run.....
Safe at last, in the arms of the herd.

And after sharing a moment of "new calf in the Spring"....

Remember this yarn? Paton's Classic Wool- in Harvest.
This is the finished scarflet  with added pink and burgundy wool yarn in the middle to "Spring" it up a bit. I actually like this yarn felted more than just knitted.

I decided to add the button to the crocheted flower but I added a pink crocheted round under the button to add some contrast. Thanks for those of you who gave me your opinions on "with or without" the button.
Then felted some yarn to use as ties....I felted them to attach to the scarf so it stays in place around a person's neck.
 Made some knitted I cords with tails so that I could try some necklaces. This needs more work. I want them thicker in the middle. I will take them to my sister and have her work her" magic jewelry thoughts" on them. Stay tuned....
Have a happy knitting, quilting, sewing, reading or just sitting by the fireplace with hot tea kind of weekend.


  1. Ohh! I have never heard (play on your cow theme)of a scarflet! I have grown to love scarves, as they keep my neck warm, so no chilly willies!

    I look forward to getting back to doing this when I am sitting around...right now I just got home from errands, work, and the gym...nap time, no really clean the kitchen time of the week! (the mop is hiding from me, he he, or the other way around!)

  2. You are so artistic. I think you would love the way Jeanine does her felting with recycled wool clothing from thrift stores. She cuts it up into strips after she washes and dries it. If you want to know more I'll hook you two up. She lives in the Santa Cruz mountains.

  3. Love reading all about your crafting and I love the scarf/collar. I am fascinated by how you are going to make those necklaces and hope you keep us posted on how they turn out.

  4. I take it back - with the button, it looks great. I love the scarflet, must get to work on some for winter.
    I'm having a defrost the fridge, rainy sort of day>

  5. What beautiful handwork! I love the button closure/detail, and can't wait to see what youdo with the ties :)

  6. The scarflet is so pretty. Love the colors. Great pictures as usual. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  7. Beautiful!! Would you consider making me a scarflet to cover my surgery scar??? Let me know how much and if so...thanks, J

  8. Beautiful! The scarflet is pretty awesome too!

  9. A couple of ideas on the i-cords... I have made thicker ones by working over 4 stitches instead of just 2 or 3. I also saw a really cute fabric necklace with random knots tied in it so maybe you could add a few to give it more bulk.

    Do you like the Patons yarn? I have meant to try it as I think it might be less expensive than what I buy at the local knit shop. I have been using Cascade 220 held double for felting. It is worsted weight and runs about $8-9 for 220 yards. It looks pretty knitted but for felting, I don't think that matters.

  10. Oh my goodness-I love your blog! Love the spring calf and that scarflet is so pretty--I would love to see it on. I can’t resist things like that. Do you sell them?
    Thanks for visiting Verde Farm today. Join us for Farm Friend Friday any week if you can :)
    Hugs, Amy

  11. hi there, i found you from farm friend friday and i love this story. that little calf is a darling! your little scarflet is so cute! come visit me if you get a chance! jill


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