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Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Day Last Week

Brownie's right horn was growing into the side of his face again. This time the Prospector and Farmlady took things into their own hands.
 "Oh Brownie!", cried Murphy, "Why are you on the other side of the fence?"
Bart looked a little disgusted. " Good grief Murph' Don't be so dramatic. He's probably going to the doctor place again. He always gets the fun trips."
Murphy was distraught, " I just know something bad is going to happen."
"What do you mean.. something bad?" Brownie said, as he walked over to the gate.Then he turned around
and ...
The Prospector was staring at him. Brownie stared back at the Prospector.
Then he looked at Farmlady and she said quietly, "It's going to be OK Brownie. It will be over in no time."
"What's going to be OK? What is going to be over in no time?",  Brownie shouted.  Farmlady knew that an explanation would be more than this goat should hear. This goat did not need to know what was going to happen ahead of time.
Annabel had a funny look on her face that said..."I'm sure glad it's not me." Everyone was a little tense.

When the neighbor arrived, Brownie knew something was happening and that it likely involved him. The neighbor Mr. "D" rarely came over, with his gloves on, unless there was wood to be chopped, heavy lifting to be done or.... when the Prospector had to keep something , or someone, under control.
Brownie started pacing. He saw the table ....
Then all the humans walked into the small fenced area. Brownie backed against the outer gate.....
With Farmlady and Mr "D" holding Brownie's head, the Prospector used the fine wire saw to cut the horn away from Brownie's face. Half way through Brownie gave out a loud cry. ( OK everyone..all together.. "Oh no!") Farmlady talked softly to Brownie and wished she spoke Murphy's other language (Gaelic) to soothe  Brownie's nervousness.  The rest of the sawing was completed and the horn fell to the ground. There was no blood, no need for antiseptic powder or bandages. The deed was done. They let go of Brownie and he darted over to the fence. He touched noses with Murphy and then seemed to settle down,
They thanked Mr. "D" and sent him home with cookies and eggs. He is such a good neighbor. He's always there to help. Farmlady could not have held Brownie steady or long enough. Her expertise involved talking to Brownie and keeping him calm. She did hold the goat's head as well as she could, but Mr."D" was the strength that keep Brownie in place.
No photos were taken of this embarrassing (as far as Brown' was concerned) procedure.These goats don't like to be "man" handled. Brownie is the worst. He didn't talk to anyone for the rest of the week. Of course the sun wasn't out a lot either so it's hard to tell what he was really upset about.
Farmlady was really proud of Brownie. She gave him some carrots later in the day but he let them fall on the ground and walked into the goat house. It was traumatic for him but he can be such a drama king....

That night Farmlady and the Prospector talked about the job well done and how it saved them a lot of money and another long trip to the vet down in the valley.... borrowing a horse trailer, loading Brownie into it and driving so far. Yep! It was one more learning experience for them all. What a day!!
The Offending Horn

And now.... the Oscars have started.... I must go.


  1. I am so glad you, the prospector and your neighbor were able to saw Brownie's horn off. I am sure he will realize it was for his own good. Thank you for your visit to my blog and the sweet poem you left me. Have a blessed evening and a great week. Madeline

  2. Oh I'm so glad things went well..poor Brownie, he's such a sweetheart. I love the way you tell his story...take care all!

  3. I don't know, it looks to me like Murphy was being a bit of the drama king :->

  4. WHEW!! That was a real load off!! Hope he starts talking again soon!!

  5. Love how you tell a story! You must share this with children, they always love it when we tell a story from the animal's perspective.

    I hope you are feeling justifiably proud for doing the job yourselves, so much less stressful for Brownie, I'm sure.

  6. Poor Brownie! I'm sure I'd be a bit dramatic if I were in a similar situation.

    Congratulations on a successful "operation". A neighbor who'll help hold a goat still is a good neighbor to have :)

  7. sigh... glad that went well I would have been scared and unhappy DURING the process and perhaps pouted some after too... but to drop carrots OH MY ...

  8. Oh, sweet Brownie is so brave. Your description of his "drama king" behavior afterwards made me laugh. I, too, have seen carrot coins drop to the ground after some perceived offense! :-)
    And you humans - wow! Very brave. That horn is so thick. This will be a regular routine now, right? It will grow back again?

  9. AAh that stubbornly opinionated horn & what a brave Brownie! And how smart of you to nip this in the bud!

  10. About the time you said "Oh no" is when my mouth fell open and I put my hand on it and made this horrible face. Oh goodness gracious.

    Thankful you had wonderful soothing words to accompany this ordeal for your blogging buddies. We all have to go through annoying procedures. Even goats.

    I had no idea the horns grew like this.


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