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Friday, July 30, 2010

A unique sculpture in Lafayette, CA.

This is one of the most interesting sculptures I have ever seen. When I was at my sister's house a week or so ago, we drove downtown to see the new library and this sculpture.
The sculpture, called "Speechless" by Brian Goggin, is in a courtyard on the backside of the library.
The pages are flying over the courtyard and into the library.
The pages are suspended on wires and look like they are flying around. You don't see the wires unless the sun hits them, but even if you see the wires it's still kind of magical.
One page was sticking to the wall.
If you stand really close to the stack of pages, you feel like the whole thing is going to fall on you which is, in a way, what books and words do. They fall on your imagination.  It's so visual.
I finally found some information that gives a really good description of what this sculpture looks and feels like.
"Set against the new Lafayette Library a giant wavering bronze stack of paper rises. Had one taken a page from every book in the library collection – stacking one on top of the other – a stack of paper equivalent in height to this sculpture would result. The towering sculpture winds and teeters reaching absurd, precarious proportions. Wind has caught the top pages blowing them across the outdoor plaza, up and through the stairway corridor. Some pages furl in mid air, flying above the walkways while others wrap around trellis posts, past the library walls. Each fluttering page is precisely etched with “drawings” created with layers of text and graphics from the library’s books. The pages glide through the walkways creating a visual flow inspired by the natural air currents streaming through architectural gullies and star and planet constellations.
The bronze pages allude to all pages ever printed. The etched pages use as their pallet imagery scanned directly from books drawing from all sections of the library’s book collection such as philosophy, literature, math, poetry, history, biography, science, and of course art. The dispersing pages fluttering out from the toppling stack is inspired by the library collection’s grand expansion in size and new knowledge platforms beyond books. The expansion is visually alluded to in this site-specific installation – the concurrent transformation of how we learn is captured by the dynamic, dreamlike flight of the bronze pages wafting gracefully through the air."
I want to thank Scott Beall at : http://laughingsquid.com/speechless-site-specific-public-art-installation-by-brian-goggin-at-new-lafayette-library/  for the above description.I couldn't have said it better.
If you're ever in the San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley area, you could take a short, beautiful drive to Lafayette and check out the new library... and this statue. It's worth the trip.


  1. Quite interesting indeed. Love the header.

  2. Ohhhhh I love that you shared this with us! I also feel like it was my van a few hours ago with recycling boxes and paper, then home from the store with paper bags full of my healthy food falling over into the curb-

    I could get lots of imagination tripping from my whole scenario, and its a good thing I love life and read so many things from it...

    Hope you are lovely my dear Mrs. C.- btw how is the new 'girl' doing? taken her out for a ride lately?

  3. That is really cool, once I got a view of all of the sections of it!

  4. I can easily see why that sculpture would catch your eye. I have never in all my many years seen anything like it. Thanks so much for showing it and telling the history of it.

  5. Quite unique. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. It really does look like it's about to topple and scatter all over the courtyard. The wind-whipped pages are great, especially the one that was "blown" against the wall. Thanks for sharing these! How neat!

  7. I love that Connie! Sooooo clever on the artists part. Very cool. Hugs, Riki

  8. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing the photographs and giving us some insight, but I am sure it must be fantastic to see in person. Very unique. Thank you so much for the background too, which made it even more interesting.

  9. Have you ever heard of Greg Brown the musician? This sculpture reminds me of a song of his called 'Spring Wind'. It also reminds me of the list of the things I have to do around here...in a good way...thanks for the good wishes!


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