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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dog Daze

It all starts with a "look". There is usually a short stand off with eye to eye contact and then the ruckus begins. Sometimes Carl is the top dog and he usually just sits on Cutter to subdue him. But recently Cutter has been getting bolder and his favorite trick is to grab Carl's collar and hold on as long as he can. They tumble and roll around the lawn with much growling and posturing. Then one of them will dash off across the garden and the other follows in pursuit. This game goes on, and on..., and on..., until they are both exhausted and then they go sit in the shade and rest. It's a game that is played out everyday all day long. This is what we call a "Corgi fest".

Cutter is unique. He looks like a miniature German Shepherd. I think when he's full grown he will be tougher that Carl and bigger. He was neglected and left outside all the time before he came to us. He was afraid of men and very shy of being in the house. He had lost the sparkle in his eyes and was weary of humanity.
He's learning to trust people here and is also learning that life can be safe and happy..., and fun. I wish I could give all neglected and abused animals this wonderful opportunity. I sometimes think that how we treat animals in this world is somehow connected to where we go afterwards and how good our marks are in the book of life. I guess that goes for how we treat people too, but animals are a choice and therefore we have a bigger responsibility to them.

Carl has only one question about all this....

"Is this guy going to stay with us FOREVER?"

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  1. Funny. When I was a kid I wanted to be a zoo keeper. I loved animals. Now, I work in admin in accounts payable. Not even close. But I've got all these chickens, and pigeons, and dogs, and cats. And I love them all. I'd have more if I had the room and could afford it. Have a great day!

  2. Love your report on “the boys”. Is there anything dearer than animals at play? They’re even cuter than children cuz you don’t hafta listen to, “Quit it”. “Mom, he’s lookin’ at me”. “You touched me first”. Cutter and Carl are lucky little boys to have you. One day soon Cutter will really BELIEVE that he is safe and loved, all because of you.

    Today, when I clicked on overgoodground and saw your new header photo, it took my breath away. A gasp, then tears. Sweet, warm, joy-filled tears crystalized with nostalgia; memories of happy days. This is the picture that is portrayed in my mind’s eye, the way I remember you and Lisa and your Mom the last time I saw you. I can’t stop looking at it. When was this picture taken? I feel like I’ve returned to 1959 and, contrary to what Thomas Wolfe says, I HAVE gone home again!
    And what a beautiful caption. It expresses my feelings exactly. What a lovely way to think of our mothers. ~ Dawn

  3. what a sweet write-up - and I do so love the photos!!! Where do you set those up for a collage like that? It is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing the story of the two guys in your life!!! They're the greatest!

  4. Another wonderful Corgi site - do you know that I am an honorary member? I orginally loved pugs, but Corgi's are in my life now too!

    I have a lot of great friends who have Corgi sites - Monica - Expressly Corgi and Angela - West Virginia Treasures and more. I love Corgis now and their owners are wonderful people. I feel honored to be their friends.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    We have to get together again.


  5. Great post Farmlady! I just love corgi's they are the funniest dogs! My corgi Jazz used to drag my other non corgi dog Two around by her collar until she chewed it off! I ended up keeping Two without a collar because all of the pulling and tugging around rubbed poor Two's hair off around her neck too! You might want to watch for that on Carl.

    They are such handsome looking corg's! I do hope that Cutter has found his new forever home!

    Thanks for sharing with us this week! Sorry I'm late! I was having internet connection problems yesterday. I'm actually at Panera Bread today using their free internet services while having breakfast! lol

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!


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