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Friday, April 30, 2010

Damage Control , a Goat Show and a Little Bit of Heaven

Everything else held up rather well during the storm on Wednesday but the Irises took a beating. Poor things look like someone aimed and fired at them with a shotgun. The leaves were left hanging by a thread and the beautiful one that grew up through the garden art was battered beyond help.
I cut the broken stems and picked off what was beyond help. There were a lot of new buds that didn't get damaged underneath so a few days of sunshine should open them up and make the garden look pretty again.

Tomorrow is the Cal-Am Dairy Goat Show in Plymouth, CA.

With the generosity of some friends in my gourd club, I was able to put two baskets together for the BEST OF SHOW prizes that will be given to two owners of the best dairy goats in the show. Believe it or not the straw hats, the basket shredding and the ribbon all came from the DOLLAR STORE. I love that place.
I want to thank Sylvia( that's her gold leafed, flowered gourd), Janice(the goat with the golden horns) and Christie, who's gourd will be in the silent auction and I know someone who is going to bid on it all ready. I will post pictures of Christie's gourd on the weekend. I messed up the first ones I took. I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart for contributing gourds for this show. They look so beautiful and will make the awards and auction so much more attractive this year.

A complete change of subject here; but have you seen these ice cream bars?

I may have discovered NIRVANA and the only way to control my ice-cream obsession and late night binges. Weight Watchers has a NEW ice cream bar that's...OMG!... rich, raspberry filled and covered with DARK CHOCOLATE. I think I may have died and gone to ice cream heaven. They are so delicious and only 170 calories for 2 bars...yes, TWO BARS. One bar may suffice for some of you but, for those of us that crave desserts , TWO of these are... DECADENT. One after lunch,...and one after dinner,.... two after dinner. One for breakfast... oops! Sorry. OK, I admit it. The first day that I bought them I had one BEFORE lunch. But I was heading into a busy day and I needed extra strength.
For all of you folks out there that consider dessert to be the 5th major food group this is the answer to your passions, a response for "What small step can I take to really being a good weight-watching person?" and.... just a little bit of heaven.
FIND THEM. Indulge.... Trust me on this.
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  1. Love the gourd with the goat with golden horns. And those dessert bars.....watch out Food Lion! Ice cream in bed is a regular thing for Mike and me. Mostly Mike. I often stay up later and eat mine on the sofa watching tv. Then a pet or two gets to lick to bowl. Ewww! I know. They are so spoiled! Plenty of soap and hot water, though. Have a great goat weekend!

  2. You are too cute with the ice cream! I will have to look for those later today when I head to the grocery.

    The baskets and gourds are gorgeous. I've never seen gourds painted before and I am stunned at their beauty. I can't wait to hear more about your weekend. have fun and take care.

  3. Mmmm, now I want ice cream! Beautiful gourds!

  4. breaks the heart when the rain pelts down on our plants.

  5. Those gourds are gorgeous Ms Caring! The ice cream, well I have to admit, you would have them all to yourself if I came for a visit. I prefer dark chocolate covered dark chocolate, lol!

  6. I am a huge fan of ice cream so I'll have to look for those bars. Your gourds look very pretty in those gift baskets too. Right now I am sitting at the window watching rain thunder down on my iris too, but like you say there are more blooms to come!

  7. Your gourd is lovely...it will be a lucky one whoever ends up with it! the nest with the blue egg was found abandoned behind my sister-in- laws house last summer...it was on the ground and I think it may have been a Quail's. I also read that sometimes Robins or Thrushes will lay an egg in another's nest, hence the blue egg and yes its real!

  8. Your gourd baskets are gourd-geous.


    I love those bars.

    But even more I love the skinny cow ice cream cups at 2 points.

    The dulce de leche and caramel cone ones...

    Yum, yum, yum!

  9. How fun to go onto your blog and see my gourd. I haven't checked in for a while because CGS has kept me really busy. It's nice to slow down a little and catch up. The rain and wind took down a lot of tree limbs for hubby to cut up.


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