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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yesterday we took a drive down to a valley farm. The Rees Ranch was having babies. They called us and invited us to come down and see all the new colts that were born recently. That baby on the bottom right was born the night before last. Horses are so beautiful! I'm always overwhelmed at how majestic and lovely they are.
We took Carl with us because this is were we got him when he was a pup and we thought it would be nice if he saw all his brothers and sisters again. He had a great time.

If you are not a Corgi owner it's hard to see the subtle differences in a group of corgis that are related. Carl is, of course, the one with the leash. His grandmother was there; sitting between the Prospector's legs. She was such a sweetie. Old and quiet. She just wanted to have her head rubbed.
When we pulled up the Corgi dogs came from everywhere. It was so cute to watch them run to greet us. We had not been back to see the Rees Farm since we picked up Carl last Spring. All his brothers and sisters were there. His Mom.., the beautiful blond in the bottom right photo acted like he was just another dog in the pack. They were all very friendly.
Mr. E gave us a tour of the farm and told us about the interesting process of artificial insemination. They use this now exclusively. It's the difference between 4 or 5 babies and possibly 15 or more in one breeding season. When your business is horses this is a boon to breeding.
We had a great time and when we left....

"It's OK Carl. He's suppose to be in here. His name is Cutter. He's your nephew and he's going to come and live with us."

Yes, Carl is alone no more and we have a rescue puppy. He came from a broken home in Oregon. He and his dad were brought down here a few weeks ago by the Rees because the family who bought Cutter's dad could not keep him or any of the puppies that they were breeding. We not only came back to the ranch to see the colts but we came to see Cutter too. We just didn't tell Carl that we were coming to see more than horses...

Tomorrow I will give you the details about Cutter and LOTS of photos.
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  1. Wow 2 cutie corgies! How lucky for carl and cutter...that picture of the 2 of them is priceless! You could write some good captions for sure! How about cutter saying.."does he always stare like that?!" looking forward to more horse pictures.

  2. That's so cool. I'm happy for you. Cutter is a pretty dog. I think Carl and Cutter are great names together, too. Carl's face is cute. He looks like Cutter shouldn't be there. :D

  3. How exciting to have a new corgi in the family! I love corgis - did I tell you my sister has one? I can't think of much that's cuter than a bunch of corgi pictures! LOVE 'em.

  4. Carls expression is priceless! I hope they will become the best of friends...;p

  5. How sweet is that! I loved the pictures of Carl and all of his kin folk. I am not quite ready to make that step. I am thinking just from things that JD has said that he is ready to get another companion as soon as I say the word. Everyone has there own time before moving on. I am just slower than most. I am anxious to read how your two furry children are having so much fun together.

  6. that is so sweet that you got another puppy!!! Yeah!

  7. How COOL!!! Will love to hear details of the new Corgi!!! My hubby wanted to purchase a Corgi once, years ago, but the breeder refused to sell her dogs to someone who was in the horse business (raised and trained Appaloosas). He could not believe it! I guess someone didn't tell your friends at the ranch that horses and Corgis should not be around each other, eh?? Ridiculous!

  8. What a great photo! Carl looks so "uncertain" of what's happening! And Cutter is a cutie, too.


  10. What a cute story and nothing better than being out in farm land and enjoying the animals.

  11. I'm just rolling around on the bed with laughter at the two of you and your Corgi love -- and how you said you couldn't see adding another dog for awhile!!! Pshaw! In the blink of an eye, Corgi passion strikes again at 3 Dog Farm.

    Cutter! I just love that name! Carl and Cutter -- it is just too perfect. That shot of Carl and Cutter in the car is worth 1,000 words. ADORABLE.

    What a wonderful gift you and Steve have given yourselves. It makes me smile and laugh out loud. Can't wait to meet Cutter in person.

    Congrats and smoochas to the "proud parents"!

  12. Cutter may not know it yet, but he has died and gone to heaven. Doggie heaven is definitely life at 3 Dog Farm...

    It's gonna be wonderful for Carl to have a best buddy...probably already is so much fun just to watch them play together.

  13. Yippie! You got a new dog--he's SO cute!!! Let me know how he and Carl (and YOU) are getting along!

  14. How exciting, a blessing for Cutter to get such a great family, and a little plug in the great big hole Maggie left.
    Carl's expression is a classic, but I think he'll come around when he realizes he has someone else to pester!

  15. Oh I always cry when someone gets a new pup!!!!! I'm so excited for you and Carl!


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