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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow Dreams

Did this really happen or was I dreaming?
The snow is gone now
and it's raining.

Thursday I drove to El Dorado Hills for our annual Gourd Club Christmas Potluck. We had a great time.It's about an hours drive from here and the weather was dry. The snow was everywhere on the hills. The drive was beautiful.
Yesterday I cleaned the house, then went out and did some Christmas shopping (in the rain).
Today I'm driving to Elk Grove to Baby Bean's Birthday party. They are having the party in Elk Grove because all of his friends are still there. Even though my little family has moved to the Bay Area and lives in my mother's house, they decided to have the party in their old neck of the woods.
I miss the beautiful snow but I'm glad it's gone when I have to drive anywhere. I'm use to driving in the rain but the snow makes me nervous. We had so many accidents in this county when it snowed. People just don't know how to drive in the white stuff. I prefer to stay home and stay out of the car when driving is so hazardous.
So, because I have to travel over the hills and through the woods to the valley today, I'm very thankful that the snow is gone...., FOR NOW. It can come back anytime it wants to though. I'm hoping...., I'm wishing...., for a White Christmas. Wouldn't that be a California miracle; twice during the holidays? I'm doing a little snow dance.....
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  1. That first photo just made me catch my breath... It looks like if you followed that path down through the trees you would find a magical wonderland... I love that picture. It leaves you going there in your imagination... at least it does that for me.

    Thank you. That is a feeling I don't have very often and it sure feels good. You just made my Christmas.


  2. It wasn't a dream farmlady...you have proof! Glad you're able to get out and about again.

  3. What great pictures. I am hoping maybe you will get a white Christmas. I love it when it snows, but here in Alabama it is not that frequent. Have a great and blessed Sunday. Madeline

  4. I miss snow, but I was never any good at driving in the stuff! We used to get a LOT of it up in the Arnold area, and it was so beautiful to look at, but I preferred to stay indoors. ;-)
    I was watching the live cam from CalTrans the other day (Truckee) and I started crying!

  5. At least you caught some gorgeous pictures!

  6. we had some snow too--it's so pretty!

  7. Wonderful photos. Looks so soft and quiet. Thanks for sharing!


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