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Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonderful, blissful weekend

Sis came up for a couple of days. Sometimes I think she just wants to have some peaceful "away" time...., with CARL. There is definitely a mutual admiration going on here. When she holds the pupster close to her I see the cares of her world fall away. This puppy is all about the warm cuddle and the extra lap.
The Prospector went on a fishing trip for a week so we had a "girl" weekend. Someone I know didn't even get dressed on Saturday..., wore her PJ's all day. In her defense, they were very fashionable, almost street clothes looking, PJ's.., but pj's none the less.
We had our coffee, toast and "stinky" cheese breakfast and then spent the entire day talking, laughing, crying, resting, playing with Carl and making poly clay jewelry. There is something about having uninterrupted time. Time that is only yours..., for whatever you choose. That was our gift this weekend. Other than my "rounds" with the farm animals early in the morning and after dinner , we had all day Saturday to just PLAY.., with our imagination and Sculpey polymer clay.

My little works of art are above, Sis' are below. I made the "boo" crow necklace for her to wear for Halloween. She will be hosting a party of friends in a few weeks and needed something creepy for the occasion. That's a real claw ,attached to it, from a dead Dove that I found on one of my walks. (Thank you, oh immortal Dove.)
She made me the charming beauty( on the left, below) with framed words ("blessed sanctuary") under a faceted glass bead and a small bluebird hanging from it. How beautiful is this?
The rest was just experimentation and fun.

We did all this with Halloween in mind and had so much fun with it. Poly clay is very versatile. I plan to do a tutorial soon on making one of these pieces with flat sided craft marbles instead of resin. It's an easier and faster way to make pieces of jewelry. We also used pieces of mica for glass. Mica is a nice change instead of something clear. It gives the window an antique look.
They were not completed. They still need a protective coating of Mod Podge or varnish of some kind, and the small skull , bird and hand ornaments need to be attached. This was a very easy project when you have all day to play and all the useful jewelry making equipment. What do you think? Didn't they turn out "charm"ing and unique?

We needed this weekend. It was a well deserved gift of time. It was a small moment of refuge...., and Saturday night? IT RAINED. Our first heavy, dust disappearing, air cleansing , fire quenching promise from Mother Nature that a change has finally come and Summer is over. Hearing the rain, Saturday night, outside my bedroom window was so reassuring. .., like someone holding my hand in the dark.
Today it's cool and windy but sunny...., and everything smells like wet, clean clothing drying in the sun. Maggie is lying on the front porch gathering up the warmth and Carl is looking for my sister(who left yesterday afternoon) and wondering where she might be. I am letting the house go for another day...., everything is going to be just fine.
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  1. Your jewelry is charming and unigue. Glad you and your sister had this time together. Thank you for your visit to my blog and you kind comment. Today is a rainy day and much cooler. Your pictures are great. Have a good day. Madeline

  2. Nothing like having your on special, quite time. Most Saturdays my sister and I have our special day together. We just get out about and do whatever we want. Seems you had one of those nice days. Happy for you. We all need our own time.

  3. After your notes about Carl and your sister's "mutual admiration society", are you sure she didn't mean for the blessed sanctuary charm to go on Master Carl's collar? He takes her cares away...

    You do know I'm teasing Farmlady. What a wonderful weekend for both of you... ooops, the three of you.

    I'm just envious. I'd love a weekend with my sis. Maybe one of these days I can get her to get her husband to go fishing and us have a girl's weekend.

    Thank you for sharing and I love the overlaid photos on the shot of your sis and Carl.


  4. Carl is adorable! And the jewelry you crafted is so uniquely amazing! The skulls are too cool!!!

  5. You can't be my friend anymore if you continue to be craftier than thou. Unless of course, you are making those lovely things for ME!

  6. You had so much fun, Connie how blessed you are to have a loving sis!


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