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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Creepy Visitors

"Carl, I need to tell you something. This is the time of the year when the Tarantulas start moving around outside. It's a big spider that's searching for a mate and you will see them walking around everywhere. I don't want you to touch them or try to bite them. You be a good boy and stay away from them. No barking at them, either, because they won't hurt us and we don't want to bother them while they look for a mate."

What Carl really heard..."Carl, Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah blah..., walking, blah, blah...,good boy, blah, stay, blah, blah.. no barking, blah , blah, blah....."

And they have come...., like an army of creepy crawlers, looking for love.
This is a variety of the Desert Tarantula. There are over 30 species found in the southern U.S. and up to the dry foothills of California. The female lives up to 20 years because she stays mostly under ground only coming out to grab some unsuspecting mouse that walks by the burrow. The poor male, for all his efforts, doesn't live long. He wanders around searching for a mate from sunset until dawn, then hides during the day.
This one was in front of the goat house last night when I went out to give the goats some dinner. It rained two nights ago and it's been very cold. This change in the weather always seems to bring them out.
Annibel (our cat) and I noticed him at the same time. I had to shoo her away and then I ran into the house to get my camera. When I came back Anni' had gone off to terrorize the chickens. She didn't even seem that interested. Maybe she has had this confrontation before. It's like she knew to leave it alone.
I have to tell you that I'm arachnophobic and if this big fellow greeted me in my house somewhere I would probably have a heart attack. But, outside, and for some reason as big as they are, I find myself more interested than fearful. This spider has one aim in life and it's not to bite me. He's just looking for a female Tarantula and he is very one minded about it. He has purpose. He's in far greater danger from a hawk, turkey or a fox around here. I think that he would crawl right over my hand and keep going if I stuck it in front of him but...., that is NEVER going to happen. He may be furry, like Carl, but he's still a SPIDER.
I actually have to say that I like this guy. I kind of feel sorry for him..., being driven by all those instincts and male urges. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

When I finished my chores and went back into the house, THIS is what greeted me......
"Carl! What's the matter boy? Why are you hiding? Those spiders can't get into the house. They will be gone, soon, anyway. Come on sweetie. Wanna biscuit?"
Carl didn't come out right away..., but he wagged his tail.
What Carl heard was, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, hiding? Blah, blah,blah..., biscuit?"
All of a sudden he was turning around and flying out from under the bed. It was not only "biscuit" time, but "dinner" time and "sit on the couch and snuggle" time too.

Oh, the joys of having a puppy.

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  1. This was quite a story. I do not like spiders. If they stay outdoors its ok but I do like them in the house. Carl is such a cute puppy. I love the photos they are great as usual. Have a good day.

  2. I remember fall time in South Texas when I lived there. I remember driving down the road one evening and hearing the "crunch, crunch, crunch" under the tires as the tarantulas crawled onto the paved road to catch the last bit of warmth as the sun sunk down below the horizon. You just don't stop the car to shoo away hundreds or maybe even thousands of spiders in the way. You just drive. Man, I do miss Texas at times.

  3. AHAHAHHHHH! FREAK OUT!! You get me woman with the spiders and snakes!
    I don't do spiders and snakes. The biggest i can handle are those garden spiders. I leave them alone. Then come to find out if they are banana spiders they are poisonous. I think i would get my car and drive over those suckers. Poor puppy he's askeered!!

    What do the goats think of them?

  4. Carl wagging his tail? Not much of a tail, the same as my corgis! Cute story, cute pup! You should join in on the meme that I posted with this Tuesday - Angela will be hosting every week, and you could show more pictures of your sweet pup!

  5. Awww, I would hide too if I saw those things...once I worked in a new convenience store, and when I took out the trash and swept the drive, a huge and I mean HUGE one got in front of the door, and I stood there hearing they can jump far; until some guy finally drove up and shewed it away with my broom stick...yeah I am a weeny girl sometimes!

  6. My trantula story is kinda like Chicken boys, hundreds of hairy fellas skittering under my car as i drove at sunset over Hwy 154 in Santa Barbara. Only difference? there was a plate sized hole in the floor of my ford, about six inches back from the gas pedal. I had to try and cover the gaping opening with my left foot, while i kicked it with my right, carrening over the Highway until I left all the Romeos behind. Soon after I left the car behind too, and traded it in for one with no floorboard air conditioning.


  7. Tarantulas!!!! I didn't even realized we had tarantulas in the US! Why?? I don't know. I'm usually up on those things! Yeah...I would be a bit freaked out, but outside, like you, would have to get pictures.

    As for Carl, what a sweetie! He is too smart! I just hope he wasn't documenting his own spider under the bed!!! JUST KIDDING!!!
    Speaking of the joys of having a puppy, my little Daisy Lu kept me up all night because of thunder and lighting. But if it wasn't for her, we would have woke up to a puddle of water on the floor and we wouldn't have found where the leak was coming from! Good job Daisy Lu!

  8. reminder to self... do not visit in the fall!
    i too will leave OUTSIDE spiders alone but thankfully we dont have those type here... I so had to go back to gaze into carls eyes to get over the trauma of the spider pics LOL... love me some carl!

  9. Spiders no[well ok as long as they stay out of sight & outdoors] pupsters YEAH YEAH YEAH!


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