Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Bell

Three hundred and sixty four years ago a man named Basho wrote...
The temple bell stops
but the sound keeps coming
out of the flowers.

Basho (1644-94)
(translated by Robert Bly)

If you listen very closely, I think you can still hear something...is it singing?

My long time friend, Carol, is visiting for the weekend. She came up from Sacramento, yesterday. Carol and I met in high school and she was my bridesmaid when I got married 44 years ago. That was in the 60's. What a time it was. We have gone through a lot together and even though we spent many years apart, we always found each other again.
The weather has cooled off and last night we stood outside and watched, in awe, at the beautiful full moon, rising over the eastern mountains. We have shared a lifetime of experiences, from a little house in the Pygmy Forest of Mendocino to a farm in the foothills of Amador County, so last night it seemed right to share the full moon rising.

I have asked her to do a guest post for me. She said "Yes" so...., my friend..., you're on.

Carol's Post

Some wise person, I don't know who, wrote "there are no coincidences in the universe..." and so I can't say what a strange coincidence it is to be asked to write about a poem translated by Robert Bly. I've often been moved by, irritated with or in awe of his poetry. What a mixture of confidence, profound respect and linguistic ability must have gone into his decision to attempt these translations from the Japanese.

As for myself, I think I'll just wander outside again into the Farm Lady's garden and watch the late summer roses fade.
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  1. Very interesting and meaningful post and beautiful pictures. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  2. Have a great weekend - time to rest from labors....

  3. Thanks for stopping by! You are so right, fall is a time for rest from the rush of summer, couldn't have put it better. I will miss the bees also, love those little guys. I too have a lifelong friend from junior high, and each meeting is like we've always stayed in touch. Love Carol's post as well. Well done!

  4. Late summer roses fading... that sounds lovely. It's a lovely image to sit and just watch the summer fade into the next season.

    Women friendships are so delightful - aren't they

  5. I sure will let you know about the classes when I can! Thanks so much.

  6. Beautiful. Everything. Pictures, poem, prose and good friends, just perfect.


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