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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sister Visit

Sis called and asked if she could come up for the weekend. Absolutely...., let's make something for dessert!

I had some peaches from Slough House. I picked them up on the way back from Sacramento on Wednesday, so I made a Clafouti. What?..., a Clafouti. (pronounced Kla-foo-tee). This is an easy French dessert that is more traditionally made with cherries, but can be made with any stone fruit or apples, or pears etc. Google "peach clafouti" and you will get so many recipes it will boggle your mind. I followed a very basic recipe , used less sugar, regular milk, no amaretto( just didn't have any) and cooked it longer than they recommended. Maybe it was the heavy ceramic pie plate I baked it in, but it took a lot longer that 45 mins. I recommend this recipe and next time I will have some amaretto and half & half so I can follow the directions exactly. All the same, it was really good and even better the next day cold from the refrigerator.
It was delicious!! I didn't "arrange" the peaches, but you can if you want to. I also wouldn't dust with confectioner's sugar until you're ready to serve it. It's a pretty dessert and would be great for a luncheon or tea.
The two little dishes in the top photo were made and baked because I had too much batter, so I threw some frozen blueberries into these ramkins and poured the rest of the batter into them. I used too many blueberries..., they cooked too fast and made a hole in the middle. Pretty but not as good.
I first heard about this dessert on a blog called Posy Gets Cozy. Alicia Paulson makes (and photographs) food beautifully, among other things, and you need to check out her site. Hers was the first Blog I ever looked at and she got me motivated to start one of my own.

Sis and I had a good visit. Took a long walk with Carl on the road that goes down to the Mokelumne River. It was so beautiful. We got a good workout( a bit too warm though ), picked up some trash (as ever), and saw this beautiful thistle blooming on the side of the road , near the creek below our road. Can't find it in the wildflower book. It's very lush in this spot because water continuously flows out of our gold mine into the creek here and there is a constant source of water for the wild figs and cattails. I've always wanted to build a small cabin here. It's right on a seasonal creek and it's just so pretty.

Glad you came Sis. It's never long enough, but we had such a nice time. Want to build a little cabin on the creek?..., just for a small getaway..., with your own key and you can borrow Carl to sleep with. If you get lonely you just drive up the hill to our house and have some Clafoutis. It would be your own little sanctuary from the world. On second thought, it sounds so nice I might build it myself. Wouldn't it be lovely?..., to have a place where you could go, all by yourself and just BE? No phones, TV, people or problems allowed. We need to work on this.

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  1. sounds like a perfect place..;p

  2. What a great post. Your desserts look so good. I know they were delicious. Your pictures are great. Have a great day Connie.

  3. Those fruit desserts are beautiful!
    And Sloughouse peaches, too.
    I still can't find any melons as good as the ones from Ione.
    so glad you had a sonderful sisterly visit.

  4. oh to be there.... thats lloks delish gonna have to try it... and i so want my own cabin away from the world and its woes.... but i would need internet acess eventually LOL. and carl!!

  5. Sounds like a most perfect weekend you and Lisa shared. Homemade dessert is always good!
    Denise S.

  6. Sounds like a gift any way you slice it! I still need to get you the secret Malfatti recipe...

  7. I love clafoutis! Make it often with all sorts of fruits. I agree, they are even better with breakfast. ; D

    Love you little-cabin-on-the-river idea. I have the same dream but about a tiny cottage by the sea. (How I do miss my ocean now that I live up in the mountains.)

    Thank you for your kind comment and sweet prayers for our safety. We are snug and smoke-free, but oh how my heart goes out to those who are not. Fire season brings worries and woes to so many in California -- you'd think we'd half expect it . . . but we don't!

    It is so pleasant to come for a visit with you and wander this pathway along the riverbank. Some day it will be in person . . . at least I sure hope so.

    Thanks for sharing such a peaceful place.

  8. I am so delighted to have found your site! All things I love in life are written here, showing us that we have a twin somewhere else in the world...

  9. Oh my, can I have one of each of those desserts, please? You are very blessed to have a close friendship with Sis. And she visits too!
    I am always sad about thistles-the flowers are so beautiful-& they are such an noxious weed! How very odd of God.......


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