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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What to do with all that Zucchini

This is a great, basic Zucchini recipe. The prospector found it in the magazine section of our newspaper. There is a bit of preparation with cutting , grating and shredding but once you get it together and clean up the mess, it can be refrigerated and cooked later and that's the kind of dinner I like. If you live in a hot climate, cook it in the morning and serve it, cold, later in the day.

This is a dinner in itself. You can add a pork chop or some chicken for dinner but it's not necessary because this is a very filling dish. If you have it for lunch or dinner with a salad, you will have a really good meal. The recipe is very easy. I did make a few changes though. I rubbed the softened butter into the cracker crumbs instead of just "dotting" the butter on top of the crumbs. It was easier to pat into the baking dish and the butter taste was distributed better throughout the dish. I also use a release spray, like Pam, on the baking dish before pressing the crumbs into it. If you use an 8 by 8 in. pan the cooking time will be longer.
It's a pretty casserole. great for guests..., and delicious. What more can I say except, give it a try.... It also uses some of those amazingly, prolific Zucchini that are growing, like Topsy, in the garden at night. I swear they grow two or three inches while we're sleeping. This dish is best when warm, but we had left-overs the next day and it was good cold too.
This dish goes into my box of "good recipes". Next time I want to try some other spices or different crumbs and maybe some Monterey Jack cheese instead of cheddar. This is an adaptable recipe. The options are up to you. Enjoy!

The wild blackberries are ripening up down near the river. I can taste that pie already...
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  1. Sounds good! Might have to try that one!

  2. So what time is lunch? This looks really good. I love zuchinni.. don't always spell it correctly but I know what it means to eat some... :)

  3. I wish I could have a meal at your house. Nothing better than fresh garden produce. I love zucchini fixed most anyway. Your post makes me hungry. I enjoyed you visit today.

  4. When a recipe makes me think about trying it, you have to know it sounds very good. And I certainly have zucchini enough to try it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Sounds yummy I will pass it along to my friend who grows Zucchini. Maybe she will share some of her harvest with me!

  6. sounds good. I was going to post a recipe too!

  7. oh goody. I was getting tired of zucchini cake

  8. I just realized you have goats... I love goats!!! Next to bunnies my favorite farm animal. Thank you for your post on a topic many avoid. I appreciate it and you. Tammy

  9. Yum, will try. Another thing I do with ours is grate it raw, then bag it and freeze it in 3 cup quantities. Then I use it in the banana bread recipe, putting in zuch. instead of bananas. Beets and cus work too.

  10. Mmmmm...thank you for posting this...I've been running dry of ideas on how to cook all the zucchini we've got. This looks yummy...who DOESN'T like cheese? :-)


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