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Friday, August 7, 2009

Freckles and the Figs

We are going to have a bumper crop of figs this year thanks to Freckles. Our charming goat with the spotted ears has been determined , as all goats are, to get his head through the fence as far as he can and prune one side of our fig tree for us. He not only has beautiful ears but he has a very long , skinny neck and when he is down in the pasture next to the vegetable garden, he takes stretching to a whole new level.
This is Freckles at the fence near the goat house. This fence is what I should have along the garden area because it doesn't move. Freckles sees the green leaves of the fig tree and he gets a glint in his eyes, puts his whole body against the fence, then his head goes through and he leans as far as he can, pushing with his hind feet. When an almost 125 lb. goat, who is determined to have some tasty fig leaves, wants what he sees, there are few fences that will keep him from his self appointed task.
So, on the east side of my wonderful fig tree I have figs growing right out on the end of the branches and why you ask? Because that's exactly the distance that Freckles pruned the branches to. Then the little figs started growing and the fence was reinforced so Freckles couldn't lean through . Well, look at this tree. It's filled with figs. I've never had so many figs on this tree before.
So I'm thinking that Goat Pruning, with VERY controlled and monitored framework, might just be a new business we could patent.Of course Frecks will think that this was his idea in the first place and that he should get all the credit. That's how goats ruminate (I mean think) ya know. Guess I'll have to have a talk with him and see what he thinks...., What? You don't talk to your animals? Are you crazy?
I'm going down to the Bay Area until Tuesday or Wednesday. Sis and I have some business to attend to and I'm going to see my oldest son's new bedroom addition to his house in Oakland and have dinner with him. Now the fun begins with his little house. See you soon.
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  1. How fun! My first address was on Thompson Ave,in Oakland. Love the story and the figs. Do you make fig preserves? I love them.

  2. Ditto, LOVE fig preserves, lucky you to have a bumper crop! They are great with cheese & a glass of wine!

  3. Love goat stories, every time I read one I tell the hubs..I want a goat!
    Have a safe trip and great visit with your son. Take care..

  4. MMmmmm... figs. My favorite! I could eat figs straight off the tree, all warm and yummy, until the cows... ermm... goats come home!

  5. Love the story and looks like you are going to have a good crop of figs. Wish I lived closer I love figs. Have a safe trip. Madeline

  6. I'm with JoJo. Goat stories are the best. Right up there with bunny stories!!

  7. Great Freckles story, and I noticed that Roslynn didn't say that figs were good with wine and goat cheese... but then all your goats are boys, aren't they?

    I think you may be onto something with the goat pruning. But you would have to keep that boy on a short lead. Sounds like he'd be a bit hard to handle around a fig tree without a firm hand directing him.

    Glad for a goat post. It's been a while and they look so sweet.

  8. Oh how I do enjoy being greeted at the door of this Good Ground by a goat! : D

    Lovely time of catching up with you, sweet friend.

    My days overflow with everything BUT blogging, it seems. You too have overflowing days.

    Always a joy to come and see what you are up to. : D

  9. Your Freckles is a pretty goat. I love the bits of poetry in your sidebar. Wonderfully refreshing to read!..I'm visiting Julie Whitmore's blogging friends....and enjoying myself very much. Have a nice day!

  10. Becky from Adult Deprived gave me your link; she said you had a cute corgi (and indeed you do; I saw the pup's picture on your sidebar); I enjoyed reading this story about the goat and the figs; how cute! I think you are on to something to try to "manufacture" his services for pruning!

    a fellow blogger who also has a corgi is putting together a corgi blog calendar (people who have corgis and also have blogs that might feature their pups). she is looking for pictures of corgis to include on the calendar. All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go to a corgi rescue organization. Here is the link to her journal if you are interested in entering your sweet pup :)



  11. slowly making my way across the blogosphere... playing catch up as usual... love the goats love the figs... hoope you have a safe fun productive trip :)
    hugs and grits!

  12. We're not crazy! We talk to our animals everyday. Hi Farmlady! I stopped at this post because I have figs here in my new southern home! I've never even ever thought of having a fig tree. Now I only have about 12 figs on it but unless some critter comes along and eats them, I guess it's a good start. I will check out your other fig posts to see what I'm to do with them. The most I know about figs is that they come in a very tasty treat called a Newton!
    I also love your "M"s sweet little house. I will love to see how that all turns out!

  13. Ha how I love this! I was searching for goats who eat figs, and found you. I am writing a piece on some figs I made into a cobbler, and now discovered a wonderful blog to read!

    Come over and visit me sometime!


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