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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vintage Thursday: Estate Sale

A couple of weeks ago I ventured out on a windy, rainy Saturday to find some treasures in our neck of the woods. My first stop was an estate sale. These are the hardest for me, but the best places to find something wonderful. I think it's because someone has died and the family is selling everything in the house. These sales seem so invasive. A lifetime of "things" that they could not take with them in death. There is a strange feeling of intrusiveness walking through someone's home. A lifetime up for sale. "Come in and take a look. Make an offer."
So, with respect for a woman I didn't know and the thought of taking care of a few of her treasures ( this is how I justify buying something here ), I meet this woman through her lifetime of collected treasures. I find a beautiful cake plate, a Tupperware container filled with small glasses and a pair of candlesticks.

Thank you, old lady that I didn't know, for a few beautiful treasures. They will be taken good care of. I promise.

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  1. great things you got..love the cake plate

  2. Hi Connie, You found some very pretty pieces. I love the cake plate. Have a great evening. Madeline

  3. I feel the same way when I visit the Estate Sales. I was at one last week and it was being run by the family. How sad is that. At least if it's run by a company it is a little more impersonal. But I did find some wonderful things.

    I love your glassware. Your pictures are awesome too.

  4. I'm the same way with estate sales. But I know that I'm giving those things a good home and the respect that they deserve...
    My favorites are storage shed auctions though!
    Although that can be just as heartbreaking...

  5. The pieces are lovely..especially the cake plate. I'm proud they have found a home where they will be used and loved. Happy VTT..have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What interesting little glasses...especially the tiered ones.

  7. Lovelovelove those candlestick holders.

  8. Beautiful glassware!!

    Thanks for coming by.
    Good guess about the mystery item, but incorrect. Will tell later what it is.

    barbara jean

  9. I like how you handle estate sales with respect. I feel so bad for the families, but I would imagine they kept what was important to them.

    Glad some treasures found you ;-)

  10. Beautiful candlesticks! The cake plate and glasses are very pretty too but those candlesticks!

    Its nice that these things found an appreciate home!

  11. How nice that these treasures from the past have found a new homewith you!I am suffereing blog withdrawal her in Aus!

  12. I love the idea of taking care of someone's things too, helps not to get so sad at estate sales. Thanks for participating in VTT. Sorry, my comment was late, I have been out of town.


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