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Friday, May 15, 2009

Beading Bonanza

Last week our Gourd club had a special workshop. We traveled to El Dorado Hills to CC's home and she showed us how to plan the layout, string and apply the beads to a gourd or piece of a gourd. We works on necklaces and pins. We were shown how to drill holes and add beads to a gourd bowl. And then, to top it all off, she served us a delicious lunch with a Chinese Chicken salad and Chocolate Cake for dessert. Very nice job CC. We all had a great time and we learned a lot too.

CC's cat over-saw the event, as cats do, and was always ready for a scratch behind the ear and a good conversation.

After lunch we carpools up to Diamond Springs, near Placerville. We visited a very small but overflowing bead shop and everyone went kind of crazy. You have no idea how many beads the owner has packed into this little store. I was so overwhelmed that I bought very little because I think the trick here is to come in very focused about what you need for a certain project. I had no plan , so I ended up buying a few odds and ends like some small crystals, some natural stone cabochons, a couple of crosses and some small filler beads. They are all so pretty and now all I have to do is MAKE SOMETHING. I need to get busy with some gourd work because we have some shows coming up and you can't sell what you haven't created.
The drive over there and back was just beautiful. It's a good thing I had taken two other ladies with me or I probably wouldn't had gotton there on time, if at all. I would have stopped to take photos every couple of miles. The still green hills, the contented cows, the beautiful rivers and streams and the lovely farms along the way were just waiting for me and my camera. It's dangerous when I'm by myself on a gorgeous Spring day in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I might stop and get out, walk into the hills and never be seen again.

We had a great day. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a really good time.

You have a good day too.
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  1. I LOVE bead stores. We have a new age-ish one here in my town and there is always BenFranklin. Looks like a wonderful day. Good luck with your projects.

  2. my cousins live in placerville...if i ever get back out to see them.... you are close! looks like tons of fun had there by all love the kitty overseer~

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. I know how pretty that part of California is this time of the year. It must have been hard not to stop and take your pictures of the country side. You have a great evening. Madeline.

  4. wow how cool. I need to go to that shop. I have been looking for things to make my wind chime with. We are growing gourds this year, some of the plants look like they are on steroids. Show some finished pieces please.

  5. I am a kindred when it comes to wandering off in the beauty of our lovely Sierras. My husband jokes about tying a string to me when I go wandering our property. I dress Rachel BRIGHTLY so we can find her while she is "studying the gorgeousness." I feel so blessed to live here . . . especially in springtime. : D

    I'm just not crafty . . . bead stores don't do much for me. But that photoshop thingy to erase grumps and add wings -- now that sounds exciting! Can't wait to see how you "keep it real" with so much UNreal techonolgy at your fingertips.



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