Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Than a Moment of Doubt

Some days seem harder than others. You wake up and see the black vultures resting on the fence in your garden. Is this a sign of something or are they just resting from a long night of pillaging? Why would they be here?What do they want and why are they so close to the house?

It makes you want to hide so no one can see you. There is a feeling that no matter where you go or what you do, Life is about to take a sharp turn , a different direction. No matter where you try to hide, this huge alteration will happen anyway and being where you are, with all the protection you think you have, nothing will guarantee safe keeping.

...and then you hear the peeping in the eaves of the front porch. The baby finches are hungry and mommy must be close by. You see the cycle of life in four beautiful baby birds ..., and the sun is shining..., and the buzzards have flown away.

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  1. Hi Sis!, Have you ever seen vultures that close to the house before?You can see something like that being seen as a sign of foreboding.And yet there were the birds.This is life, and it seems as many times as we tell our selves that life is a circle of beginnings and ends it still can take us by surprise and sometimes take our breath away.Endings are coming for us Sis,hopefully not in close succession, but they are coming.Lets hope we'll always find joy in the beginnings,birds,"Beans"and puppy dog tails.ooxx

  2. Those vultures are kinda freaky, but in a really funny way. I love that you caught them on camera. Maybe they just wanted their picture taken? Or maybe they are just messing with you.

  3. They are ugly birds but still one of God's creations. They were probably just resting. I love the picture of the cat hiding in the bushes and the baby birds. Have a good eveing. Madeline

  4. Vultures will sunbathe to 'bake' parasites out of there feathers. That looks like a nice sunny spot they found with a big enough perch for their clunky feet. I would think it was so cool to see that in person... even in my yard.

  5. Buzzards not my favorite birds either but of course they too have a part to play in God's plan!


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