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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Bean and the Brush

It's amazing to me..., with all the toys that my grandchildren have, it's the little things they find in a drawer that have so much more value. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. I'm the same way. Maybe we all are. I go to thrift stores and look for the one, old, inexpensive object that has some mysterious appeal to me. The beautiful spoon or funky vintage knick-knack that only speaks to me.., the dog statue , the cup and saucer, the small McCoy wall pocket with a chip in it. An item that would be overlooked by someone else but when I see it I know that it's something I've got to have. Maybe it's the color or the shape. Maybe the lost art of generations that knew how to crochet, knit or embroider. Something says "Buy me". I know a lot of you understand what I'm saying.
Whatever it is, I understand why my littliest grandson found this wonderful brush; a special acquisition in the back of a drawer that is usually off limits to him. A pretty, easy to hold blushing brush that has soft brown bristles tinged with pink..., that smells good and feels wonderful, even "tickley", when rubbed on the face and hands. With his little two-year old sense of wonder, he had discovered a truly magical gift; a "find" worthy of a temper tantram if someone tried to take it away from him. He told me in his limited, matter of fact English that it was a "boush" and even more by the body language and satisfied look on his sweet little face, that this was his very special "chattel" of the day.
I may have to start Little Bean early in the fine art of thrift store shopping and , of course, share my expertise. Maybe he's got my shopping DNA. Between his Mother and I, he will have excellent training in the fine art of finding a good deal. See that expression in the bottom left photo? He has that " Can you give me a better price?" look already. The " I'm not leaving until we negotiate this deal." look...., that's it. That's the look!... He's a natural. I just know it.
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  1. Adorable! Your right too I see the glimmer in his eye!

  2. He is so cute. Yep they latch on to a treasure and there's no letting go...lol...

  3. He is has cute as a button. Wait until he starts collecting bugs then the fun begins. Have a good day.

  4. Oh, my. Look at those eyes. I think I may find an old make-up brush and at the right price for him, too.

    However could you resist that little man?!

    Great post by a proud grandma.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. i used to laugh as I walked out of the pawn shop... the owner a big burly guy with a deep gruff voice would sell my kids anything they wanted for what ever change they had in their pockets.. I think cory got his first 13 inch tv for like 4 bucks ...I cant recall the exact price but it was precious to watch him haggeling with this guy... now cory is all grown and still will go haggle with this man... he does not get such great deals but i am sure his son will one day

  6. Treasure hunting starts early, doesn't it? Too cute! I remember my youngest carying around a handful of ballbearings she "found" in Daddy's office. I didn't worry that she would swallow or choke on said dangerous objects -- they were too precious to her for such careless behavior. She has amassed a roomful of "treasures" that I would toss out in the blink of an eye . . . but don't because I can see the glimmer in her eye as she gazes at the treasure trove. ; D


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