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Friday, March 20, 2009

Family time

This is the first time I have ever posted from somewhere besides home. I can't believe how easy it is. I'm at my youngest son's house,helping him recouperate from a hernia operation. My sweet daughter in law works all day and when she comes home there are two little boys to take care of, so I'm helping out for a few days until my son is feeling better. The evening is the hardest with dinner, baths and getting ready for bed. The bean (my oldest grandson) is really glad I'm here. I think he would sleep in Noni's room if his parents would let him. He wants me to read him stories on my bed and while we are doing this he has to have his blanket, his little bear and two pillows. Then we get all comfey and he tries to talk me into "one more book, Noni. Pleaseeeees..." So we read one more. I'm such a soft touch in my old age.

Tonight I made dinner and chocolate chip cookies for the boys ( that includes my son ). Cookies always help you recover faster. It's a fact.

Well, got to go. Got chicken in the oven. Come on by. We have plenty.


  1. hope he feels better soon I have had three hernia surgeries and need another...just put chocolate chip cooies into the ove here too :) great minds think alike!

    If you want him to heal fast give him some grits :)

  2. Priceless moments with your grandsons!...how cute they must look all snuggled up with you:)

  3. Hope your son will be up and around soon from his hernia surgery. I know you are enjoying the grandsons. It is good you are close enough to be able to help out. I guess the prospector is home tending the goats and keeping the home fires burning until you are home again.

  4. awhhh that is so sweet. I bet if you ask mom and dad he can sleep with you and you'll both love it. I totally endorse anything home made with love as good medicine.

  5. MMMMmmmm! Roast Chicken, cookies, story time with Noni (I called my grandma Nonie, too) -- sounds like a great time. (Too bad a bit of surgery had to prompt.) EnJOY your time, sweet friend. I shall be off to dance in my snow-free garden (all of yesterday's flakes melted like nice nice does). Spring is forecast to play all week. Me too!! : D


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