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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three December Lovelies and a Gift of Snow

Busy day ahead. The lady who sold us our goat boys is having a potluck at her ranch this afternoon. So, I thought I would do a quick post for four very good reasons. Then I need to dribble some frosting on the Banana Nut bundt cake I made this morning and do some outside chores, then take a shower. But first....
1. This is the wonderful Persimmon Pudding that my husband made me on my birthday. Yes, he did this all by himself and it was delicious.

2. The Chinese Talon tree in all it's Fall to Winter glory.

3. The grape arbor, with the sun rising behind it.

Do you see it ?
Floating down upon my blog pages? My friend Jo, in Pennsylvania, ( jonjdsbitsandpieces.blogspot.com) felt sorry for me here in the foothills of California, below 2000 ft., where we don't get much (if any) snow. So she gave me a gift for the holidays. Now I have snow anytime I want it and I don't have to work in it, shovel it, or drive in it. I can just enjoy it. It's wonderful and I won't whine about not having any snow around here again..., maybe. Thank's Jo. You know what this meant to me.

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  1. Love the snow--I want the code!!! You might get some REAL snow tonight, so button up your overcoat!

    Saw your sis today--my sis happened to be in the shop at the time, so they got to meet!

  2. admire you snow too. Now I know where to go to see some

  3. What a beautiful grape arbor you have...I envy you your sunshine.
    Snow is in our forecast tonight!

  4. The snow on your blog page is STINKIN COOL! the food looks yummy and the photos gorgeous. I want some snow how you do that?

  5. Are you getting snow now? We are at 3000 and we're getting dumped on. It may be coming your way tonight.

  6. Anything to see your smile!! Have a wonderful start of the week. We are going to town for a Seth Day today.

  7. Here in Alabama the northwest corner got snow a couple of days ago but here in central Alabama we did not get any. My daughter called yesterday from Battle Ground, Washington and it was snowing there. I remember when I was a youngester in Nevada City, California we used to get a lot of snow. When it snows here we are snow bound until the roads are cleared. Have a good day and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    P.S. The pudding your husband made sure looked good.


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