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Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoes were optional

Today is our youngest grandson's birthday. He's two years old. Yesterday I drove to his home in Elk Grove for his big birthday party. The prospector caught the cold that I had last week and couldn't come down with me. So I ventured out into the wind and rain to celebrate my little baby bean's big day.
All his friends were there and all their parents. It was a CONSTRUCTION ZONE party, with hard hats (to wear) and orange cones (for drinks). Baby Bean got more cake IN his mouth this year.( see photo ) and he held his own with all the older kids.

His older brother( The Bean) was busy with the big plans for the day. He had everything under control, with lots of help from Mommy and Daddy. There was cake and all kinds of delicious food. Mom had everything under control and the house was beautiful. Baby bean had moments of being overwhelmed and had to take a "breather" on Mom's lap, once in a while.
The Bean entertained the troops and kept up the momentum, especially in the garage, where there was a roller coaster of sorts that kids could ride down and into a waiting beanbag and foam bumper. They rode a small car and zoomed down, across the garage, and into a soft landing. All very safe and with moms and dads waiting to retrieve them, safety helmet and all. It was the highlight of the party for the children.

Baby Bean did very well and enjoyed the celebration. After the party he took a long nap. The Bean and I pretended to nap on the couch. We were in "the party zone", wrapped up in blankets and pillows, giggling about silly thinks like tickleing toes when one was suppose to be asleep. "Noni, stop. You not 'spose to do that. You 'spose to be asleep." After we "faked" a nap, we ate goldfish and jellybeans, talked about the state of politics in preschool and what color jellybean was the best.
Later I hit the road, saying goodby and explaining that I had to go home and take care of Papa so he could get well and they could come up to our place for Christmas Day. The Bean wanted me to stay overnight, but he understood and gave me a christmas bell and a candy for Papa.

It rained all the way home but the wonderful day made sunshine in my heart. Being Noni is such fun.

Happy Birthday my little Baby Bean....
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  1. what adorable guys! I can't wait to get my hands on the runt and play with him... I think Stephanie is ready to take him out and play with him too but... he's got a good bit of cooking left to do before april 30th gets here :) I LOVE kids feet... they are just the best to rub and play with!
    hope papa gets feeling better quickly!
    Hugs Laura

  2. What a fun time. Happy late birthday little Bean.

  3. And what a great Noni you are. Fun to the nth degree!


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