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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Interview with an old person

December 4, 2008
Rockefeller Plaza
(in front of the christmas tree)

Matt L.: "We have a story coming out of Northern California this morning. This lady standing next to me is a native Californian that has spent her whole life there and since we didn't have any real news this morning, we thought we'd interview her and get her perspective on growing up in the golden state and what it's like to get old there. Well, Farmlady, happy birthday."

Farmlady: "Well, thank you Matt. I'm..."

M.L.: "So what's it like to be an old person? Is there a different way of looking at things when you turn 64?" ( the song "When I'm Sixty Four", by the Beatles, starts to play in the background.)

Farmlady: " I don't really consider myself a really old person. It's a frame of mind that..."

M.L.: But, seriously, don't you feel that by the time you get to your 60,s you're bucking the odds so to speak?..., that it's all down hill?"

Farmlady: " No, Matt, I don't. Now that I'm retired I find life is even more interesting than...."

M.L.: " What do you think of New York City? Is it a very different place than, say, Los Angeles?"

Farmlady: "I don't live in Los Angeles, but it's definitely colder here. I was raised in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay area and..."

M.L.: " Isn't it all the same there? Lots of liberals and earthquakes?"

Farmlady: "No..., but it's warmer. We don't have earthquakes all the time but we do have too many..."

M, L.: " So what your saying is that you think California is too radical and politicians are too moderate?"

Farmlady: "I didn't say that. I thought I was suppose to talk about...."

M.L.: " So is there anything else you would like to say about being 64 years old?"

Farmlady: " Well, I love my life and my family..., and thank you all the same, but I ..., excuse me Matt,please don't interrupt me again..., I think I'll go back to California and thaw out a bit."

M.L.: (Looks at the camera.) " This has been one person's views on being an older person in our society. Now back to Meredith, inside the studio."

The music fades and someone rushes over with a cup of coffee and an extra coat for Mr. L.
who grumbles something about this being a tough interview.

Farmlady smiles and thinks to herself that being 64 isn't that bad. It's 42 acres of oak trees and manzanita, 8 chickens, 4 goats, 2 old dogs, family and her bambinos, wonderful friends, and a husband that has loved her for 44 years...., and, when all is said and done, Life is not only what happens to you, it's how you play the hand that you're dealt and how you continue to do your best. No, 64 years is not bad at all.

"Send me a postcard,
drop me a line,
Stating point of view.
Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely, Wasting Away.
Give me your answer, fill in a form
Mine for evermore.
Will you still need me,
Will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four?

~the Beatles~


    HUGS Laura


    If I had known it was your birthday I would have baked a cake. Of course if I had mailed it to you it would have been crumbs by the time it reached you. Taking that into consideration, if I had baked a cake for you we would have had to put candles on it, make a wish for you, blown out the cndles and eaten it for you too. We really don't need those kind of carbs empting us so I guess it is just as well that I didn't have advanced notice..... I Know!!! I will pop the cork on a bottle of wine and toast to my dear friends 64th celebration of a life well lived. Hugs across the miles Dear Heart!

    BTW... I think Matt L. needs an attitude adjustment!! lol

  3. Many happy returns of the day! 64? Now you've caught up (to me). (I do like your attitude.)

  4. Happy Birthday you whipper snapper LOL. You are too funny with that ML interview. Isn't that just the way they do it too.

    Hope you had a great birthday.



  5. Happy Birthday may you have many more. You mentioned the manzanita. One Christmas when we were still living out there I took a piece of manzanita bush painted it white and decorated it for our Christmas tree, it was very unique. Have a good evening. Madeline

  6. Happy Birthday my witty friend! I haven't seen a tv interview in around 20 years -- sounds like some things haven't improved with age. You, my dear, are a gem. I love you attitude and spunk. JOYFUL! PLAYFUL! 64 looks mighty fine -- you wear it well. : D

  7. You are FUNNY! And now I have that song stuck in my head. Thank you very much. I have a John Denver with the Mitchell Trio album with that Beatles song on it. Love it.

    Happy Belated Birthday!


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