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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Murphy; goat update

Last night was a full moon night. I've been keeping an eye on Murphy to see if he was going to dance. Well, it seem that he's grow out of his childhood this month because there have been no signs of dancing or any other strange behavior. Maybe he is dancing late at night when no one is out there. Whatever he's playing it cool and acting like a grown up goat. This is about the silliest thing I've seen him do . He is rubbing his mouth on a piece of wood. I never get a photo of the inside of their ears, which are beautiful, so I'm glad he did this. Look at those ears!

I'll keep watching to see if he is up to his old tricks tonight. They slept in their new house last night so maybe he was confused. I will have some photos of the goat house tomarrow. There's no roof yet and I'm in the middle of painting it; but its basically done. I do have an issue with the Prospector about some missing architecture. Stay tuned.
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