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Friday, May 23, 2008

Bits and pieces

This is called an "info" blog. I need to get caught up on some things that people have asked me in my blog's comments or blog related e-mail.

#1. To Ann (of vintagewhisper.blogspot.com): I don't have a favorite strawberry jam recipe because I don't make jam very often but the one I used for my wonderful, sweet Lodi strawberries can be found at: tomsdomain.com/recipes/strawberryjam.htm. It was easy and called for the amount of strawberries that I had. I didn't use wax. I just filled the hot sterile jars with jam and sealed them. The jam doesn't last very long around here anyway, so I don't have to worry about a "long shelf life". I just think doing both is overkill. Also, the jam is more saucy than I like. It's got a really good flavor but is more like a sauce for ice cream. I followed the directions to the letter, so I'm not sure if this is the way it's suppose to be or not. If you follow this recipe please let me know how it turns out. There are many, many more recipes for jam out there in computerland. There's probably a better recipe .

#2. Who was watching American Idol? My favorite "David" won. I don't care how many people wanted David Archuleta to win. David Cook won by 12 million votes, he did!... and he deserved it. The guy is so good. I'm really glad that common sense reigned .

#3. Our first rattlesnake showed up a little over a week ago during that hot spell we had. It was in the pile of oak rounds that the prospector was spliting up. Because I wasn't here to plead it's case the snake is now in snake heaven. We both have mixed feeling about killing the rattlers,(we used to have a catch and release policy) but the truth is that we have a lot of them around here in the summer and when you have animals, that live and play outside, you can't afford to let these beautiful snakes roam around anywhere they please. We spent over $1000.00 last summer at the vets. Both dogs were bit on their noses. I wasn't here, but when I heard what had happened, I came home from my mom's right away. The prospector left two days later for a trip , and proceeds to tell me that he didn't find the snake..., so I should be very careful.
Well, as soon as he left I got the shovel, a bucket and the water hose and went on a witch hunt. As I walked around the corner of the house here comes a small rattler across the dirt, moving toward the deck. I followed and before it could get under the deck I used the shovel in a very un-ladylike manner. Because of the planters, soaker hoses and other garden objects I missed it and it turned around, slithered behind a large planter and (honest to God) disappeared. I saw a hole under the wine barrel planter so I turned on the hose full strength and stuck it into the hole. The prospector told me later that you can't drown a snake. Well, the snake never showed up again and I like to think that it went to snake heaven that day or that it found an escape route and left because of our lack of hospitality. Whatever happen, the snake did not return. A part of me thinks that it will come back this summer...., bigger, more dangerous and looking for the "shovel" lady. The other part of me thinks that it didn't make it...., but there will be others. Maybe he grew up and was waiting for me under the wood pile. We are on alert now. It's time for their return.

#4. Did anyone watch the P.B.S. miniseries called *Cranford* on Masterpiece Theater? It was wonderful. It's about a small English village in the 1840,s. One of my favorite actresses Judy Dench starred in it and all the other actors were excellent. Some of the funniest episodes were: One about a cat that swallows an expensive lace collar and the town women waiting until it comes out of the other end of the cat. Another is about a cow that they make pajamas for because it fell into a lime pit and lost all of it's hair. This kind of humor is mixed with very serious stories about love, morals, life and death in this small town. I learned a lot about English life in the 1800's. If it comes on again ,and you missed it , please watch . It's really good! I'm not one for English humor but this is done so well and all I can say about the costumes is......, "amazing".

My two little bambinos are coming tomarrow, with their parents of course, so I may not write anything. Maybe I'll do a photo blog in the morning. We'll see. Goodnight all.

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  1. I hope that the snake packed it's bags and left the country. Your typical rattler is not found where we live. We have Eastern Massasauga, timber rattlers and copperheads. All that has ventured out of the woods behind the house so far has been the copperheads. I am thinking they must be more socialable than the other two and that is why they sought out our company much to their regret.

    Hope you have a good time with your company. Have a great memorial day weekend.


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