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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Worry, worry, worry...

I realized this morning that I sometimes have these moments of brain overload. Yesterday was one of those days.
I'm usually able to focus on all the important things that I contain in my head ,which is usually way too much, but I think the stars weren't aligned properly yesterday and until I got THE PHONE CALL.... I was basically a basket case.
Thinking about too many things at once and not staying in the moment can cause Monkey Mind. The FEAR monkey is the worst one and does the most damage.
Our sweet daughter-in-law, Robbin, went into the hospital yesterday morning for an operation. She had a tumor removed and a complete hysterectomy.
Our son called us late morning and told us that she made it through the operation OK. He didn't have any other information. That was enough to hear right now. We will wait to hear the lab results.
I will be going down on Saturday to stay for awhile. I wish I was there now, but I will be needed more when she comes home. The "beans" will need Noni to take them to the park and keep them out from underneath their parents feet, as much as possible... and bake cookies.
 I love this daughter in law of ours. She's a lovely, loving woman and she's the mother of our grandchildren for which we are eternally grateful.
I know she will be fine, but please keep Robbin in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Worry is an overpowering thing! I will keep your daughter-in-law in my prayers.

  2. She has a gentle countenance. Best thoughts and prayers to her and to you, for peace of mind.

  3. Praying that your daughter in law will recover fully and that her lab results will be positive ones. She sounds like a wonderful lady and I know she will appreciate your help and of the course the grandkids will love having you there.

  4. Hope test comes back ok, in our prayers

  5. you got my prayers...
    now get that monkey off cause worrying wont do nothing for you...smiles.

  6. you have my prayers too
    many many prayers for healing and strength for this precious daughter in law
    ....take care

  7. It's hard to be positive in situations like this but keeping busy (sounds like you'll have your hands full with the beans) is always a good way to keep the mind from dwelling on the negative.
    She looks like the way you describe her...sending much love and light to her and your family.

  8. monkeys be gone! We are treading on a very fragile February so far and the monkeys are taking hold. Glad Robynn is doing better. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Travel safe dear friend.

  9. Connie, you know my prayers are with your daughter-in-law and the rest of the family. Have a blessed day and a safe trip down to take care of the beans. Madeline

  10. Hoping for good outcomes for your DDIL and enjoy your time with the grandsons Connie.

  11. She is lucky to have you in her life farmlady. Saying a prayer and hoping she is resting at home.

  12. What a beautiful smile Robbin has. Joining you in prayer! You will be a great comfort to all of them by being there, spreading love all around.
    xo, Cheryl

  13. My mother used to say, "Wait to worry." Good advice. I'll say a prayer for your dear daughter in law.

  14. Thinking of you, wishing you and yours all the best...

  15. So sorry you are having to deal with yet more monkeys. Hope your daughter-in-law is OK. Please keep me updated!

    (Interesting that the "captcha" prompt for me on your blog is TRAMA!)

  16. Worry is never easy. Bless you for helping. I've been in that spot, and it's nice to have a loved one step up and help. I hope you can take some time to enjoy your family, and give comfort in a stressful time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  17. I came over to see what you were up to and found this. Hope it all goes well and she has a speedy recovery. Those ovaries give us problems don't they...like my darn kidneys.

  18. Connie she is a darling girl and I know she will be fine. Just some time to recover from the hysterectomy. Its good they caught it now, sounds alot like a fribriod tumor. Tell that monkey to back to his cage, you have your family to help!


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