Sunday, February 19, 2012

Living a Poem

Winter still hangs inside of me
like the branches of a low tree, like the cold in my chest.
But, this morning, the bluebirds came ...
They tried to tell me.
 How the seasons change....that I mustn't fuss about little things.
They bathed and left.

Then a new bird sang outside my window.
A sweet high sound.
Solitary and pure.
I listened.
I heard a voice, this time.
And I smiled.



Nancy K. said...

I LOVE it!
Beautifully written.

I want bluebirds...


Laura~peach~ said...


Eve said...

Simply beautiful!!!!!

Brian Miller said...

um, its been snowing here all day...early spring is not DOA under about 4 inches on the way to 6 or 8...and i just saw pretty flowers yesterday...smiles...

Suz said...

oh that was good
enjoyed the whole thing...every line
but those bathing beauties...!!
i checked our bluebird box in Galena...stuffed with wren week i need to clean it out...and maybe put a birdbath neat it!

Madeline's Album said...

This was a lovely post. The blue birds taking a bath in the bird bath was nice. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

Chef E said...

Nice :)

I came over to see what you're up too and about to get off of this machine and now I want to write LOL

castlewon said...

lovely, Great Picture too. Take it easy till the cold lets go