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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dropping my Transmission with the Beans

I spent hours on the playgrounds of Pleasant Hill, California last week so this little bean...
 and this big bean...
could be out from under Mom who was recovering from an operation.
Helping Robbin out was mostly getting the boys out of the house and giving her the rest that she needed to recuperate. I would get dinner going in the evening and clean up afterwards. My son did most of the homework/ bath/ getting them to bed part. It all worked fairly smooth.
I learned to play the video games on the interactive Wii (I think that was what they called it.). I got to pick this blond girl persona and ride a motorcycle around a track trying to collect gold coins. I felt very cool. Then I picked up some coins... and then I hit a wall. I don't know why I hit it. I just couldn't keep the motorcycle going in a straight line and I forgot to slow down on the turns. The Bean had an unfair advantage. He was awesome.... except for the laughing. I told him not to laugh at Noni. That this was only the second time I had played this game with him. I told him that I wouldn't play with him anymore if he laughed at me. So, he stopped laughing. That's when he cut me off and took my gold coins. What a little beast.
At one point Little Bean (5 yrs. old) watched me hit a wall ( for the one hundredth time.) and then go off of a cliff into the darkness of a cyber black hole. He shook his head, leaned over and said, "Noni, I think you dw'opped you' transmission." I thought I would die laughing. I NEVER won a game, but it was fun anyway.

We spent a lot of time at the playground. I haven't spent this much time in a playground since my own boys were little. Every child had one or two parents, grandparents or caretakers  watching them like hawks. It was the weekend so the park was very crowded. It took all my concentration to watch my grandsons and make sure that I had them in my sight at all times. This was absolutely necessary.
 I learned that the ice cream man comes to the park in the afternoon at about 3:00 p.m. and plays almost the same music that I remember hearing when I was a kid. He is the pied piper of the sandbox set. They all run to him like Pan with his flute. The ice cream is very expensive now and I had to put a limit on what the boys could spend. They were delighted when I said they could buy one. I heard later that Mom and Dad rarely do. Of course they didn't tell me this at the park. Noni is such a soft touch.
A couple of days in a row we had lunch together. Did you know that there are two drive thru's at MacDonalds.You have a choice of just about everything now. The boys choose Mac Nuggets and a chocolate milkshake.
I also learned that you can get a "happy meal" with sliced apples now instead of french fries. and that the cherry on top of the whipped cream, on top of the milkshake will sink to the bottom of the shake in about 5 minutes if left in a car holder. We didn't have a spoon so we tried to retrieve the cherry with the straw. This doesn't work unless you have good sucking power and hold it long enough to get the cherry up and out of the milkshake. It's a fine art and my BEANS know all the ins and outs of these ingenious fast food concepts. They are, at 5 and 7 years of age, experts in the field.
My sister and I took them to the Lindsey Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek one afternoon. The Bean didn't want to go when we got there, so we had a little power play. You know...
"I don't want to go in there."
"Sure you do. It's going to be fun."
"No, I don't think so."
So... that's when you become the "heavy".
  " Yes, we came to see this and we are going in. This is the plan. There is no option. Come on. Just wait until you see what's inside."
Well, guess what? He loved it...
 and Little Bean loved it.
We saw hawks, a fox, a trained squirrel and a real live golden Eagle.
They got to lay on top of a big fake bird while watching a video from a birds point of view.. It was truly like the boys were flying. My grandsons, who have been to Disneyland, were having a great time. There were all kinds of taxidermy animals on a fake mountain, with a staircase going up around it and all kinds of games for them to play, buttons to push and sights to see.
Afterwards we went to the Larkey Park playground. We wore them out. That was the whole point. Then home for dinner and bedtime. I slept well every night.
Mom slowly got on her feet and on Tuesday I drove her to the elementary school to register Little Bean for Kindergarten. By Thursday we WALKED to school and picked up The Bean. She is amazing.
I love this girl.
Bean does too., don't you know.

The day I left I brought them a Valentine's package with candy and these...
Can you believe I found "Love you Beans"?
You plant them in a little container and when they grow the pod will say I love you on it. I got them at CVS. What a cute idea and perfect for MY BEANS.
This cold is better today. I feel better. Taking naps and sitting on the porch in the sun. We are having beautiful weather here but a storm is suppose to come on the weekend.
That is OK. We need the rain... and snow in the mountains.
The chickens say hello. I want to update you on Squeeky. She's still with us and hanging with the big hens. More to come on the little one with the big attitude.
I can hear Brownie and Murphy complaining about their dinner.
Carl is sleeping beside me and all's right with my world.
Hope is is with yours.


  1. i am glad you feel better...and i was grinning the whole way through this...and playing wii, darn them how do they get so good at it you know...dont feel bad i get beat and laughed at often...

    i must say i was unsure from the title...i went straight to 'bad mexican night'...smiles.

  2. This story of you and your Beans is very cute; you hitting a wall in the game, going to the park and giving your daughter time to rest and recover. All those laughs for you and your Beans made me smile.
    I am having a give away on my blog, of books and soap.

  3. awesome stuff love the LOVE BEANS!

  4. Five and seven year olds can really wear you out. Sounds like you had a good time withthem. They do know how to play those W11 games my grandchildren beat the pants off me every time. I am so glad Robbin is doing well and that you are feeling better also. have a blessed day and a great weekend. Madeline

  5. Holy Cow! I can see why you slept so well! Times sure have changed with McDonalds offering apples instead of fries (BORING!) and having to watch your kids like a hawk at the playground. But comforting to know that the ice cream man still plays the crazy music when he comes around.
    The Beans are sure growing up and I must say the junior bean looks a bit like his Noni...how lucky for you all to be able to share your lives with each other.
    Glad you're feeling better. Sitting in the sun and listening to clucking chickens sounds like heaven right now. We have neither at the moment!

  6. Oh, I love reading about your beans. And what a cool thing to give them, I Love You Beans! Glad your daughter is doing better. Sounds like it was a win win for both of you.

  7. You are an awesome "Noni"!
    How wonderful that you could be there to take such wonderful care of your "beans". Those Valentine beans are absolutely adorable...

  8. Isn't it amazing how such little humans can be expert at so many things we are hopeless at? Always good for a ton of laughter. You were so busy, no wonder you came home in a heap. Now you have all those memories to sit and reflect on while you get back to 100%.

  9. This is what life is made of...Awesome post. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  10. Wow..what a wonderful time you had! I look forward to having a "bean" or two one day. The fact you found that gift was just meant to be :)

    I love the wii conversations!! Giggle.

    Glad you are feeling better ♥

  11. (repeat I'm sure) I love hearing about your adventures, sucking the cherry out of the container, and finding such great gifts for them. They will remember these for a very long time :)

    I know I still remember my grandmother, still even have her PJ's she gave me to wear.

  12. That's what I used to call a perfect home schooling day. Children need a "heavy" now and then because they are children and do not know. It's called guidance and it is very good.


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