I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Those Summertime Blues... well, kind of purple.

This is were I want to be..... But, do you see me sitting in this chair with an big glass of ice tea in my hand and a smile on my face?
Does the view from this chair say..."It's Summertime. Come, enjoy the cool evening. Be a kid again. Run though the sprinkler. Watch the puppies play...."
No, it doesn't.  My inner voice is saying, "Stop wishing that you were Paris Hilton. She's not even your BFF." ( I sat through 15 minutes of her pathetic new show the other night. Don't go there.)
So....the half done projects are sitting there looking at me every time I go out the backdoor and open the garage door. I need some serious help.
 OK, back to the "inside" projects. The kitchen says it all....
Yesterday I cut some basil (hopefully for the last time) and made more Pesto for the freezer. The Basilico (as my grandma use to call it) is growing like a weed out there in the garden. Must be the mild weather.
The tomatoes have decided to ripen all at once. I have given away tomatoes until my only two neighbors pretend they don't see me coming down their driveways anymore. I think I may have to "put up" some of these tomatoes. Sounds like I know what I'm talking about, doesn't it?
Then, there are the GRAPES. The beautiful grapes that we planted two years ago have decided to give birth.
Yesterday, the Prospector picked almost 10 lbs. of grapes. The prepared ones are on the washing machine in the laundry room. Today I will make grape jelly for the first time in my life and my dear hubby says that it's EASY...his grandmother use to do it all the time. It was probably easy because he got to sit there and WATCH.
The sign says it all. There are more snakes to keep you hopping around here than Rattlers. They're called  "harvest" snakes.
But, I'm ready.... I've got the directions and the equipment. 
The grapes are ready....whither they like it or not.
 And if I goof up....I have a whole lot more in the garage refrigerator, with all the other unfinished business.

Can I go sit down and think about this before I start? Will someone peel me a grape?


  1. I'll peel you one - if you will tell me how to prune grapevines successfully! I only have one small bunch of grapes that formed last year, and one this year - I must be doing something wrong!!! :(

  2. Yes, I can see you sitting in that chair with a glass of ice tea. Good luck with the grape jelly. Watch out for the snakes. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. you don't peel them you cook them and it will be divine! An adventurer like you will become an avid canner in no time. You can do this! I made a lot of homemade delicious salsa and also cooked and canned the tomatoes chopped up. Tis very very easy to do. one day of work and a whole year of pleasure.

  4. I love your rattlesnakes sign! My grandsons had quite an adventure this past weekend over at their other Grandma's boyfriend's ranch in Angels Camp! Their first experience seeing a rattlesnake - Dennis shot it and then their dad cut off it's head with a shovel. They spent part of the day "petting" the remains. They got to keep the rattles, of course! Good times ( and rather scary stuff!) for little boys. A nice story to tell for "back to school".

  5. I hope you'll have time for that chair and iced tea after the grapes are done. They look awesome, by the way :)

  6. Oh, you are going to feel soooo good when you have finished all that. I guarantee it. And you will enjoy your time in the chair all the more as you sit and sip and tell yourself what a great job you've done.

  7. You are so funny. I'd never attempt that. But I bet that grape stuff will be goooood on some toast come a winter morning. So get cracking! It's easy!

  8. Farmlady I visited here and read this post last night but I ran out of steam and my brain was useless for commenting. I chuckled all through this post, especially where the Prospector tells you how easy it is to transform the grapes to jelly and your thought about that little statement :) That chair and the location look wonderful for a good sit and some tea sipping!

  9. The best thing about canning is in the midst of winter...its cold and rainy and then...pop! You open up a jar of summer!! Just think how much you will deserve that chair and iced tea after all your work!

  10. What a pleasure it would be to live near you you. I love all that fresh, homegrown products. After processing all this, you will need a comfortable chair and tea.


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