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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vintage Thursday

Back when my Grandmother was getting ready for a date she wanted to make herself look really pretty like all of us. This was a time when only the wealthy had electricity and no one had a "electric" hair dryer. A sunny day or sitting in front of the hot, old wood stove was how you dried your hair.
Making yourself gorgeous was hard work, but in a changing America we were already making items that would help make this task easier. This mirror and powder holder were in a large set of "vanity" items that were made by the DuBarry company that had developed a plastic that looked like Ivory.

I remember this set on a dresser, with a tray of other items on it, in my Grandmother's guest bedroom . This was the room I always slept in when I stayed with her. This room was a beautiful, magical place; considering she lived in the hills above Napa Valley and everything was very rough and in disarray most of the time (which I loved too). But, in this one room, everything was clean and in order. It was, after all, the "guest" room and even thought I was usually the only guest that stayed with grandma, she kept the room as if it was going to be visited by someone of the utmost importance. I guess that was how I felt..., exquisitely important.

There were many other items, in this set, which have been divided up and given to members of the family since Mom died. She always had the whole set on her dresser in her bedroom and I'm sure she would like the idea of each person having what they wanted. She kept these memories of her mother and we will keep them for her and the memories go on, and on, and on.....

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  1. Thank you for sharing your grandmothers vanity set. I have my mothers, but it is not shaped like yours. The finish looks the same. I am pleased you dropped by my place.

  2. Lucky girl to have such a precious memento.

  3. What a beautiful set you have from your grandmother. I love the colors. Glad you linked in today to share.

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  4. I've always loved these "ivory" pieces, and even have a few myself. My love for it started with my Grandma's comb and brush, which were made out of it. I think I love everything that Grandma had!
    Happy VTT!

  5. I have seen the powder dishes before but never the mirror, so pretty. And they are even better because they have memories with them.

  6. How very sweet. And what a special memory for you.


  7. What a nice post! I remember my grandma had a hair bruch and a pretty container with powder in it...but I wasn't allowed up in her room much! What wonderful items to pass on....

  8. The ivory plastic has a nice warm look and the items you have are nice looking.

  9. What nice memories. I love the mirror....haven't seen one like that before. What a special piece to keep and pass on.

  10. Those are real treasures!!! The fact that they are ivory makes them special enough - - - but add to that the fact they were your grandma's and, well, doesn't that make them PRICELESS???

  11. Vintage Thingies with memories attached, they are the best! I feel the same way about my grandmothers' things, Connie.
    I hope that your sons will treasure them too.

  12. Such special pieces that bring back such special memories. I have a few pieces like that as well.

    Love your new blog banner too! Very autumnal!

  13. Connie good morning. What a wonderful dresser set you have. Treasures like these are wonderful keepsakes. Thank you for your visit and comment to my last post. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  14. Lovely! Glad you got part of the set!

  15. What a lovely family heirloom. :)


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