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Saturday, June 27, 2009

She's doing better...

Mom went into the hospital again last Monday and had 18 lbs. of fluid removed by Lasix treatments. She came back to the rest home on Thursday and is feeling so much better. The family is very relieved that there is still something that can be done to make her comfortable.
Her brother arrived on Wednesday from Susanville, Ca. She was so happy to see him. His two daughters drove him down here just to see Mom. They really enjoyed talking to each other and it was so nice to see our cousins again. It meant so much to Mom to see her "baby" brother ( he's 85 yrs old) again and I know it gave her a bit dose of "happy" medicine.

ON Thursday we got Mom settled in and Sis cut her hair for her. She was delighted with the haircut. She said it was really good to be "home" and..., "take a shower". We left her in good spirits. The doctor told her that he would see her again in a couple of weeks because the fluid will build up again and she will need more Lasix to help her body get rid of all the fluid. At some point this won't work anymore, but until then, they can help her. Mom is being so brave.

Sis decided to follow me home, yesterday afternoon, for the weekend. We drove into Sutter Creek for lunch today, but little else. The temperature is hovering right about 100 degrees . Summer has definitely arrived. I watered and "dead-headed" the flowers very early this morning. It was beautiful outside so early. Everything smelled so good. Only the sunrise and the windless air gave a hint to how hot it would be. This afternoon all the birds and even the lizards have found a place to hide from the intense heat. Annibel, our cat is stretched out in the garden, the dogs are in the house enjoying the air-conditioner and the goats are looking at us like we did something to bring on all this hot weather. They weren't happy when it was cold. They weren't happy when it was raining and now..., they're upset because it's too hot. Spoiled goats....

Tomorrow I will continue the saga of Carl's first trip to the Mokelumne River and, also, tell you about a special package I received in the mail.
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  1. I'm glad you are home again. It looks like everywhere it is HOT. I have stayed inside all day today. I am very grateful your mom is doing better and fully understand what you are discussing. Your all doing the best things for her providing happy medicine, love, hair cuts, yeah that is good stuff.

    Has "Carl" outgrown his little nickname? How is the shedding going with him? It sounds if all is finally well for Annibel the cat she had a bit of a rough start.
    It's been so hot here that I got a very short hair cut. Feels better and I am adjusting to the shock.

    but when you think about serious life events like a sick mama with a failing heart well, what is hair after all? Not much. Thanks for sharing today.

  2. Connie,

    I'm glad that your mother is feeling better. It must make her feel so much better to have all that fluid gone. Gosh, 18 lbs. is a lot. That's so nice that your sister is there with you this weekend. Your mom's haircut looks darling!

    It's warming up here too, but not bad yet. It was about 86 today and tomorrow is supposed to be around 90. I'm with the goats - I don't like the hot weather either.

    Take care.

  3. Prayers for your mom and hugs for you, my friend. I've been there, done that and didn't even get a T shirt.


  4. Connie wonderful news about your Mom and the Lasix treatments helping her.So glad her brother and your cousins could make the drive to visit her and you too of course.

    Enjoy Lisa stay cool.

    Can't wait to hear of little Carls adventure!

  5. I have been watching for your return & hoping for your mom's improvement. My 98yr.old Dad struggles
    with the same thing his old heart is worn out & the kidneys can't cope with all the retained fluid.Every few weeks it gets out of control & extra measure must be taken,prayers for comfortable days & nights for these dear ones.

  6. Connie, so glad to hear your mother is doing better and that the doctors can give her some comfort. My prayer will be with you both. Stay cool and have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. So happy to hear that your Mom lost the fluid and feels well enough to come home with you for a visit. What a treat!

    It is HOT here too, but we just lay low mid-day and then splash inthe pool joyfully all evening long. Four seasons means Hot will come (and I'm grateful that it arrived much later this year than in the past).

    My prayers will continue for your sweet mom. : )

  8. So glad your mom is better again.


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