I prefer winter and Fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape — the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show. ~Andrew Wyeth

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Visit continues..., Bean on the move.

After lunch my son and I took the Bean to Wallmart and Papa took a nap. I needed a few things there and it was a "cooler" choice than the park. The temperature was rising and you just don't play in the park in almost 100 degree weather. (That's Noni talking, not the Bean.)
For a few weeks I had seen a sign on the highway that said BOUNCEVILLE and an arrow pointed up the hill near a storage business and some commercial buildings. I didn't pay much attention to this sign because it looked like a "kid" thing and , well, I don't think about "kid" things very much anymore..., until I have a puppy worm grandchild in the house with not much to do and it's 97 degrees outside. This is how we discovered Bounceville. Daddy and the Bean knew about these places. It seems that there is one in Elk Grove called Bounce World and they knew exactly what to do. I didn't have any socks so I just took pictures. You have to have socks to PLAY. Next time I will bring my socks because this is really fun and Noni is not going to miss out . For $7.00 a child (adults are free ) they can run, climb, jump, slide, shout, run into stuff, rest and do it all over again. A tired, worn out parent must have invented this place. What a lifesaver to parents and grandparents.

The Bean came close to collapes and had to rest a few times. But this little kid definitely got his moneys worth. Finally, he stopped and got that glassy eyed look of total fatigue. It was time to go home.

As we drove back down to our house a squirrel decided to play "outrun the car" with us. He was running ahead of us, in front of the car. His little legs were moving so fast that it looked like an old silent movie and my son and I started laughing . The Bean, from the back seat says.."What you laughing about?" He could'nt see the silly squirrel and I said.." There's a squirrel in front of us. He's running straight ahead and doesn't know he should go off to the side of the road and up a tree." The Bean said.." You don't run over him."( this was not a question. It was a command ) and I said.."Oh no Bean. We would never do that. It's just funny to watch.", and in his typical, serious response, he quietly said.."OK."

At home he played in the sprinkler and watered EVERYTHING with his cool firehose (a toy you connect to a hose). The Prospector and our son sat in the shade discussing the ecomony and house prices and jobs etc. I stood in the sprinkler and took pictures and made sure that the bird house in the tree above the lawn (with baby birds in it and an unhappy mother Finch complaining from the fence) didn't get sprayed with water.
Finally after a snack and a quiet book reading on Noni's bed, the Bean and his Daddy packed up and drove back down to their home in Elk Grove.
"Come up again soon, Bean. Next time bring Mommy and your brother too. We love you."

We went out to dinner with some friends that night. Had a lovely time. Came home and went to bed early. Gee, I wonder why?

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  1. See? This is why you should always carry socks...lol!
    I loved spending time with my grandsons last year, but I was one worn out Grummie at the end of the day! I was in bed before they were!

    Bean is simply a gorgeous little guy - lucky you!

  2. My kids love those things! What a great way to spend the day.

    Your squirrelle story cracked me up... the legs...lol

  3. This was worth the wait, Noni... and I'd be right there with you about wanting to play at Bounce World.

    But the sprinkler looks like great fun, too, especially with the 97 degree temperature.

    Good clean fun, I'd say...

    Thanks for taking us with you to watch the Bean. It was a fun trip.


  4. Bean and his daddy really look like they were having fun. I loved the squirrel story. Have a great day. Madeline


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