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Friday, May 22, 2009

Cookies for a Good Reason?

I bake cookies for a lot of reasons. Sometimes for no reason at all. Yesterday I baked cookies out of guilt..., for the Prospector.

"Guilt? Why is that Farmlady?" Well, I'm leaving for a whole week, again, and I just thought that I should do something nice for the man who will take care of everything here and hold down the "fort" while I'm gone. This is not to say that I only make cookies when I'm leaving town. I don't need a reason to bake. I bake "Just because" most of the time.
But this time I'm going away for fun and frolic. My sister and I are going to the Art & Soul Retreat in Asilomar, Ca. near Monterey and Carmel. This is a workshop/festival on the grounds of the Asilomar Conference Center right on the Pacific Ocean. It's so amazingly beautiful. I stayed there years ago for a choir festival and have wanted to go back again ever since.

So the cookies are a part of my guilt for leaving; a bit of nervousness about what to expect when we get there; and just plain excitment.

We will be taking a 3 day class from Nina Bagley. It's called Mystorian Necklace & Book Workshop. Nina is a gifted jewelry artist who I have come to know through her Blog: Ornamental. She is an amazing artist and we have always wanted to take a class from her. We are really looking forward to this trip.
Tomorrow I will drive to my sister's house, see Mom and stay overnight. Sunday we will drive to Asilomar and check in. We will be back in Lafayette on Thursday and I will stay there until Saturday or Sunday to visit with Mom and have dinner with my son.

This is going to be so much fun!!!


Cookies: Oatmeal, cranberries and pecan with orange peel. Same recipe as chocolate chip cookies but substitute dried cranberries for choc. chips and pecans for walnuts. Um, um good!


A note: Nina's dog Aspen died last week and she has been very, very sad about losing him. If you could leave a comment to console her I would appreciate it. These creatures are so much a part of our lives and when they leave there is a gate left open for a long time. I just want her to know that no dog will ever take Aspens place but there will be another animal that will need her love..., and love her in return. I know where of I speak.

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  1. Have a wonderful time and please take a big breath of the beautiful Pacific for this old Fl girl.

  2. Oh I love the ocean... and cookies lol. I'll go say a word to Nina for you. She will be blessed to have you there to encourage her as well.

    Safe trip.

  3. bon voyage. Will wait to hear about it (and see pictures, no doubt) when you get back...

  4. What a beautiful part of California to be going to, Monterey and Carmel are such pretty coastal towns. Have a great time with your sister and be sure and take lots of pictures. How lucky you are to have a husband to stay and take care of the homeplace while you are gone. He will enjoy the cookies I am sure. Have a great evening and stay in Monterey. Madeline

  5. I was so excited to read your blog tonight because I leave tomorrow for California too and guess what I also am taking the 3 day Nina class.

  6. yes you do, and so do I. The conference sounds wonderful. I do hope you will share! My grandaughter is very interested in gourd art and it seems to be the most prolific plant in our garden so far. Would love to see more of what you are doing.

  7. Oh my those cookies look so good-but if I make them not only will I eat them but so will DH & he really doesn't need to!
    Blessings for a lovely time away.

  8. I am sure you will enjoy your trip. No doubt, your husband will enjoy his cookies even more. Those are my favorite cookies.

  9. Yes, that's a great reason to make cookies, but there's no good reason to keep me in suspense for so long---what did you make?!?!?!? I wanna see--you better blog it!!!


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