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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Drive Carefully; children at play

We have the cutest neighbors. These two young-uns were playing in the road and didn't seem too afraid of me. I took a picture then moved the car closer. Took another , and inched closer, until I crossed that invisible line that sets off their " Human..., getting too close" alarm. They turned away , trotted off, turned and looked once more, then went down into the ravine.
They are such beautiful animals. This is a mule (or black tailed) deer. They are abundant here. I've seen them with their Mom before. I hope she is still with them. They don't look old enough to be on their own.
I pulled over and got this shot looking down the hill. There they were, looking at me and the only thing moving were those huge rotating ears.
"I see you" I whispered...., and then there were gone.
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  1. Aweee. thanks for the posting.Hugs and Blessings That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  2. We have neighbors like yours only ours are white tail deer. You have a pretty driveway

    I like the pictures of these neighbors a lot better than the one you had yesterday. At least these didn't rattle their tail at you.


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