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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Bracelet Maker

Yesterday I had to go to South Sacramento Kaiser and Costco. When I was through I stopped by to see the Bambinos. Baby boy was asleep because he's just 1 yr. 6mos old and he is into naps. Big boy, the "A" man was so excited to see me and sometimes he skips a nap because he has other things to do...., like show Noni his new bike; his DIEGO bike,... and his new helmet; his GREEN helmet...., and his new hair cut( that makes him look a lot older. No, no you can't grow up too fast little one.)

Mommy took them to Pixey Woods in Lodi. They "Rode in a train and saw a tunnel." and they had "...so much fun." and " Noni you should come too; you would like it."

" Can we go outside. I will ride my new bike.

It has 'taining wheels."

"Is that so you can learn to ride without falling?"

"I won't fall, Noni. I a big boy."

"Of course you are, sweetie. Just be careful."

"I be careful"

"Can you put your helmet on so I can take your picture?"



Baby bambino woke up and then it was snack time. After we had a snack "A" showed me how to make a bracelet like Mommy's. He had made one for her and wanted to know if I would like one. He wanted mom to give me her's. We explained that he needed to make one just for me. So he did.
This is the bracelet that "A" made just for his Noni. He had a kit with lots of beads and stretchy plastic string.

"What colors would you like, Noni?"

"Anything but orange."

"No orange?"

"Not today."

Just one orange?"

"No, I don't think so. Maybe in the Fall, around Halloween."

" Here. One orange ." He picks one orange bead up and looks at me.

"Ok, just one."

So I have a wonderful ,one of a kind, bracelet made by my grandson, and I love it. There is one bead in it that reminds me of Halloween and in my grandson's infinite wisdom, he has placed this orange bead among the others to express his own creativity and to remind me that I must not look at the world with old eyes and that I can wear orange in summer and live to tell about it.
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  1. Ohhhh how those grand babies can touch a grandma's heart in ways no other can. I love your new bracelet Nomi!!!

    Wishing you a happy and safe 4th my friend.

  2. Enjoy! (But I don't have to tell you...)

  3. What a sweetie! O that dear little face...so innocent and pure. Making his Noni a special gift with hand picked colors! Wonderful!


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