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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Annie in love?

It seems that my cat, Annie, is in a serious relationship with the mountain lion statue.
I was coming up the road, from my walk, and there she was touching noses with the statue. She saw me and the silliness began.
"Who's your friend Annie?"
When I said this, she rubbed her face on its head and got kind of goofy....
she started rubbing back and forth like animals do when they like each other. 
I think it's time to get her another feline companion. She's having fantasies. She has been alone too long.


  1. This was a very cute post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. hahahaha....
    if i ever start rubbing on statues...
    get me help...


  3. Oh my, Annie, when I met you I never dreamed you were such a cougar. What a gal! I can tell he thinks you’re purrrty! Be gentle with this guy, he looks kind of young and just a little too willing. ~Auntie Dawn

  4. I'm laughing at what Brian said and I could say the same!! This is such a sweet post and yes, Annie needs a friend ♥

  5. This is just hilarious. And your photos of Annie and her "lover" are just fantastic. Oh dear sakes, I'm still laughing.


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