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Friday, April 25, 2014

Ariel on the porch

Today it's raining... but two days ago it was sunny and warm. I'm not complaining. I love the rain. We need as much as we can get.
But, on Wednesday, Ariel wanted to go outside.
So we took the air... on the porch.
I think she's tired of being poked and pulled and sewn into. So we both took a break and sat on the porch together. I never left her side because Carl would just love to use Ariel as a pull toy and he was right there watching her every move.
She enjoyed the warm weather and the sun on her feet. I even think she closed her eyes for a moment.
 Ariel's hair ribbon is sewn into place now. Her hair is kind of a mess for all the pulling and sewing. She needs a little brushing and some hair spray. Human hair is hard to contain in place. I'm thinking that yarn or some other ribbon, or dread locks made with wool roving, might have been a better choice. But this is my first doll, so I can always try something else down the road.
The scarf I made for her is keeping the spring breezes from her neck.
I've made her a gold Lamé jacket and a blouse out of gold chiffon fabric...
and "tutu" skirts in bright colors. I'm going to add more skirt.
Faerie's can't have enough beautiful, flowing skirts.
It was recommended, in one of the sites on doll clothes, that you burn the edges of any synthetic fabric to give it a more wild look and to keep it from unraveling. This is kind of dangerous. You must be very careful.
I used a votive candle in a glass votive holder. I held each piece of fabric with both hands and ran it quickly through the flame. It works well, but does catch on fire if you stop moving the fabric. Also if a small piece of burnt synthetic fabric falls on your hand, it will burn a nice little spot right through your skin. I know, because I did it. You have to be very careful. This takes practice, but it gives a fun, kind of ragged edge to the fabric.

I'm so proud of her little Nuno scarf. I felted it twice because I didn't have enough wool in it the first time and the pieces of sequined fabric that were cut into leaf shapes, didn't catch. I had  loose leaf ends. So I wet it again, added a bit more roving to the scarf and felted it a second time.
Now, I'm happy with it.

Ariel is happy... So happy in fact, that she got up and did a few ballet steps. Give a girl some sunshine and new clothes... that's all they need... oh, and maybe some ballet slippers.
But...She still needs her hair combed.


  1. You are so artistic, creative and clever, and she is truly lovely.

  2. I think Ariel is stunning! Nice work. Glad you both enjoyed the porch.


  3. I'm loving her more every time I see her. She's also looking more self assured every time I see her. Is that her own little chair she has on the porch? I think it's OK for a girl's hair to be a bit messy when she takes in the sunshine. And her little scarf - love it to bits!! (Oh, and be careful playing with fire!)

  4. Your doll turned out very nice.
    She is lovely. I know you and the doll enjoyed the porch. Glad you are getting some rain. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. All the details in Ariel's outfit are perfect for her; you did a fantastic job. I love her colorful tutu and the fairy-detailed scarf. She looks so cute sitting out on the porch, soaking in some sunshine.

  6. your creativity is endless what an adorable project. Where did you get human hair?


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