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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Old age ain't no place for sissies. ~Bette Davis

Last week we spent the day at my mother in law's house. We helped her celebrate her 92th birthday.
This is a woman of fortitude and will power.
Her name is Violetta, or Vi. I have known her for fifty one years.
These are the two people who take care of her.
This is Vi's daughter and her granddaughter. They make it possible for Vi to stay in her home now that she is in her 90's and I think they deserve a special cake too... but we only got a birthday cake for the birthday girl.
At 90 Vi took a nasty fall and broke quite a few bones, but she recovered.
At 91, a few months ago, she fell again trying to straighten some curtains. She left her walker in the hall way and strolled over to the window in her bedroom, to straightened the drapes. When she backed up she trip on a suitcase that was being prepared for a Mothers day trip to Reno. She is still recovering from that fall and has a leg gash that is not healing.
Her life has become a controlled dance of limited behavior.
Has it been 12 years since she was dancing at my son's wedding? She was always ready for parties and
get-togethers with friends and family. She loved to get all dolled up and go on "dates" with her husband, who is gone now. She loved him so.
Now life is quiet and as she puts it, " A bit boring." But, she is an example of strength and "Don't show them that you're cryin'." She practices what she preaches. She has always told me that there is no way but through something and no use in fussing about things that you have no control over.
So, she is growing old gracefully... and rather quietly... with family to take care of her.

We went to her favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. She ordering a burrito, eating less than half and taking the rest home... but she still ate some cake and ice cream.
Happy Birthday, Grandma. You are an example to us all.


  1. good on her growing old gracefully with the help of family...that is a cute bee cake...smiles...my 92 year old gramma is struggling...between independence and getting help...

  2. I like your Vi! She teaches us how to age with grace and dignity. Many happy returns to her!

  3. a controlled dance of limited behaviour.' really sums up getting older. Congratulations to Vi, and Happy Birthday too, you are an fine example of grace and dignity and I admire you...

  4. So happy she has wonderful people to help her so she is able to stay in her own home. That is the meaning of family right there!

  5. Happy Birthday to Vi. She is a very beautiful women and at 92 she is growing old gracefully. I love the bee cake. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. Wishing many blessings for lovely Vi! She sounds like a truly beautiful person. What a wonderful celebration for her :)

  7. She is indeed a wonderful example. Look at those sharp clear eyes and that lovely skin, she must have some health secrets to share. I hope she had a great birthday.


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