Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wild Blue Lupine Morning

"It's Spring fever. That is what the name of it is.
And when you've got it, you want... oh, 
you don't quite know what it is you do want,
 but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"
 ~Mark Twain~

I know this quote well. I understand what Samuel Clements was saying. He died in the Spring of 1910 in Redding, California. I live in the same part of the country. I know what he means. I hope that he was looking out of a window filled with Lupine when he died.
I love winter here. I love the mildness of our weather, the hope of snow and the ability to hike and walk in December and January... but, Oh spring. I feel its joy when I walk outside. The birds that choose to nest on our porch, the green hills, the wildflowers and the fragrance of this place. It's a sweet "heart ache" and it's there every year for all to see and feel.
The Prospector was weed eating the old goat run and came in to tell me that he left the blueish purple Lupine standing so I could take some pictures of it.
I walked down to the vegetable garden with my camera and went through the gate to the pasture below, sitting down in the field where the goats use to roam. For five years our goats did not leave these flowers for us to enjoy but, in exchange, they cleared the land below the house. These flowers were tasty delicacies for them. I could always find the flowers elsewhere on our road. I didn't mind that the goats enjoyed them so... if only I could see Brownie and Murph' down there again. I miss the boys.
"Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns..."
~Byron Caldwell Smith, letter to Kate Stephens~

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. 
~Rainer Maria Rilke~

I know the thrill of the grasses when the rain pours over them.
I know the trembling of the leaves when the winds sweep through them.
I know what the white clover felt as it held a drop of dew pressed close in its beauteousness.
I know the quivering of the fragrant petals at the touch of the pollen-legged bees.
I know what the stream said to the dipping willows, and what the moon said to the sweet lavender.
I know what the stars said when they came stealthily down and crept fondly into the tops of the trees.
~Muriel Strode, "Creation Songs"

I know. I know.
Yes, I know.


  1. just beginning to get Spring-like here in Michigan. my perennials are just starting to sprout up. beautiful photos!

  2. I think lupines are one of my favorites! So wild and old fashioned and SO beautiful...great shots! Have you ever read the childrens book 'Miss Rumphius'? It's a great lupine story.
    I miss the goats too...we are both 'goatless'; boo hoo.

  3. Oh what awonderrul feeling your post has. Here in New England we are still waiting for Spring The happiness will be grand when the cold weather finally breaks and allows the warmth of a budding Spring morning to unfold.

  4. My heavens, this is a beautiful post. Every word, every image. Nothing quite like lupine in the spring... and your dear goats I can certainly understand how you must still miss them.

  5. Couple weeks ago I stopped on my way back from the post office and picked some of the lupine growing wild along the road by the river. Took lots of pictures last year, forgot to take the camera and get new pictures for this year.

  6. Great quotes, great photos. Spring is definitely there and here also. I have violets blooming in the ditch that runs along the road. My azaleas are starting to bloom also the dogwood trees. It is a beautiful time of the year. I also miss your goats and the stories you told about them. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. What beautiful pictures of the blue lupine!! Wonderfully sharp photography; you must have a very nice camera! Love the images; love the quotes about spring. Makes me anxious to see the blue lupine in my part of the country...soon.

  8. Those lupins are a stunning blue - just beautiful.
    Spring is very late arriving here in Ireland although the flowers are starting to appear.

  9. Sad to think you had to lose your goats to enjoy these blue lovelies. We have them too (of course, in so many ways our properties are very similar) and I especially love how they look with the poppies, complimentary colors. Our lupines are not quite out yet. Your photos are gorgeous. Tina


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