Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Sunday, February 17, 2013


There is a vast difference between solitude and being alone. 

Being alone can be a fearful place where shadows become stick figured monsters that grab at me from beneath my feet.  Where my life drags the past blindly up the hill behind me and shouts obscenities about the future.

But there is this other place where I can choose to spend time with myself? 
Where I can take a deep breath and not care what other's think or do.
Where I feel the quiet of solitude
the connection of place...
 Where I can walk in my own footsteps 
and see the light between the shadows.

It seems an easy choice, but sometimes it's not.


  1. Absolutely. There have been times in the past month that I would not have answered my phone if someone called and other times when I was wondering why no one cared enough to call.
    Love your photos. They really tell the story.

  2. sometimes it is not...that is for sure...its a double edged sword...solitude...i like to be alone...sometimes...

  3. oh I love alone time in my garden
    ..so I know what you mean

  4. I love my times of solitude but in no way at all do I want to be alone, just me and my thoughts. alone. No thanks.

  5. A very meaningful post. Have a great day. Madeline

  6. Beautiful post...and one I very much understand...

  7. I do love solitude...giving us the time to reflect and recharge. I feel fortunate to have the choice but it can be a fine line. p.s love your new header!

  8. You have given us something to think about. I enjoy having moments or even hours of solitude but do not ever want to experience being alone. I am of the opinion that people need people as the song goes.

  9. A very important difference Farm Lady. I love solitude -but not alone-ness.

  10. Oh, I so agree with this post!

    Might I add you can also feel the not so good lonely when you are with another person....

    Love my solitude.

    The photos express the words beautifully ♥

  11. I need solitude. But sometimes I overindulge in it until I suddenly realize that I'm lonely and have sorely neglected some people that I love...luckily they understand me and accept me back into the fold after my long absences.

  12. What a lovely path , a place where green grows and shadows dance !


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