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Friday, February 1, 2013

Carl, on Farmlady's absence

She was gone again...
Farmlady said she was leaving for a few days. She told us that she was going to see her friend in the Delta, and the little dog Max.
I'm always sad when she leaves but we make due, Cutter and I, because the other human in our life (the Prospector) always makes up for being the only caretaker.
Like he lets both of us get in his lap at the same time.
And he gives us extra treats and lets us run outside more. Sometimes he sits on the couch with us, like Farmlady does and rubs our tummies at the same time.

Cutter gets kind of spooked about it all.
and doesn't understand where she is. I, of course, being older and smarter, understand that she will be back.


See?... what did I tell you. She came home last night and everything is back to normal. We had our Latte on the couch this morning and watched the news together.
I'm glad she's home. Her clothes smell like that dog Max, but it's OK. That will wear off.

Farmlady was so happy to see all of us and she told the Prospector that she helped her friend, "C", unpack more boxes and clean more spaces to put things. She said that they ate at a place called Pineapple. I, personally don't like pineapple. I'm more a steak and chicken dog. But, she said it was the best Chinese restaurant in the Delta.
They also played with THAT dog ...a lot... maybe a little too much, in my opinion. But, he is a single dog, and very small, so he probably needs more attention.
He was fun when he came up here one time. He plays well and knows his manners. Maybe he will visit us again.

Cutter is watching Farmlady's every move.

 He's still worried that she will leave. But I know, because I understand these things, that she will be home now... for a while.


  1. ha. love that last pic...well i hope she had a great visit...and glad you survived without her as well...smiles

  2. What a precious post. Your photos are so sweet. What loving companions our furry friends make.

  3. That last photo of Cutter is priceless! I was also away for a few days 'cheating' on Griffin with my friend dog Beau. Griffin replaces me with my socks while I'm gone. Just sits and lies his head on them.

  4. I am sure glad that Carl managed to sneak in and learn the computer password so he could post his REAL feelings, LOL.

  5. just love that last photo!! He's watching you...very well spoken dog you have there Farmlady..;j

  6. Your photos are great. I know the Prospector took very good care of the dogs while you were gone, and I also know they were all glad to see you back home. Have a blessed day. Madeline


    Awwww, look at those mournful eyes.
    Cutter's "spooked" face is too cute for words. And the head-on shot is absolutely precious!
    I always enjoy your stories from your animals' point of view. But today, I wonder if some of what they're telling you is just to make you feel good, knowing that you're missed. All that attention they get from the Prospector seems to tell a slightly different story! Love, Dawn

  8. I do miss them when I'm gone, Dawn, but I know that they are doing fine here because THEY RUN THE SHOW and the Prospector caves to their every request. He's a wimp when it comes to these dogs.
    Of course it makes me feel good to know that the dogs miss me and...
    I do love putting words in their mouths.

  9. Awwww this story is downright adorable. Such cute babies!

  10. Such a cute post ! I LOVE corgis, we lived in England when I was a kid and I first fell in love with them there . Those little legged corgi farm dogs have been one of my fav dogs ever since. Hope to have one own me one day . :)

  11. hubs step-mom's cat Elvis is like that, he feels if he can't leave the building, then you should not either...he goes to the inside garage door and meows, because he wants to see if her car is in the garage, which means she is there to stay...it is the funniest site!


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