Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Call of the River

Yesterday the Prospector and I took the dogs and drove to the Mokelumne River.
It was a perfect early spring day. The dry winter is deceptively enchanting with its green carpet spreading under the leafless trees, along the banks of the river and over all the hills nearby. We need rain badly. It's going to be a hard summer if the next 6 to 8 weeks doesn't bring us some moisture.
I think about the water situation when I look at this beautiful river.
The river seems to have an endless supply, but is already being held back by the "powers that be", to conserve water for the "drought" year that is expected if it doesn't rain next month. There seems to be so much water but there is such a demand for this precious commodity that every year there is more worry about not having enough.
Cutter is still not use to this huge river and the noise it makes. He pulls away from it and looks to Carl for reassurance.
Then the call of the wild makes them forget the huge, noisy river when they get a scent and start wondering what other animals have been here before them.

I left the dogs with the Prospector and walked out onto the bedrock.
I love being "in" the river, on these huge rocks.
It's like standing on the bones of the earth.
 Bedrock is the layer of solid rock formations below the soil or underneath glacial drift in a particular area. 

 The rock comprising bedrock can be sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic.

Bedrock is the native rock underlying the surface of the Earth. It's solid and goes nowhere. It's the solid, foundation of the earth's crust.
It feels elemental and secure. When I'm on this huge consolidated rock I feel safe, as if I'm standing on the only ground that will never be moved out from under me.
We walked down to another beach area, called Box Beach, where the water gets deeper and slows down. In the summer this beach is packed with people. Now, it is quiet and serene. 
You can see that people have been here. A small toddler's wading area was built in the water.
And a rope swing is suspended from an oak tree.

There it hangs waiting for the hot days of summer.
Can't you just feel, or remember what it felt like, jumping from a rope swing on a hot summer day?

We walked back to the car, on the road, and past a couple of signs. One warned about the change in flow of the river which can happen quickly and needs to have some forewarning.
It says CAUTION: Flow of river subject to sudden rises. All persons enter channel at their own risk. They are not kidding. I've seen the river go from "You could almost walk across it" to "OMG! What a torrent." It's scary how fast this happens.

The other sign is kind of funny. I guess I have a weird sense of humor. Just drive right in...
The dogs had a great time. We should do this more often. We ALL need the exercise.
Until next time.... goodbye wonderful old tree roots.

Goodbye reflections in glassy water.

Goodbye mud that makes its own art.

And sparkles under melted snow water.
Goodbye old river... until we meet again.


  1. oo some very cool textures in your pics...love wht the water does to rocks....we have the james nearby...when it gets a little warmer we will go down there and explore...

  2. Superb photos - I enjoyed them ever so much. Nature has an artist heart!

  3. looking at all your beautiful pictures makes me realize that I really REALLY need to get out of the house! Looks like a beautiful day and a great outing. p.s. love the beans in a tree photo..;j

  4. oh what a day you had!
    such a beautiful place
    I too like a river bank...have to go far from home to walk one...
    it's the rocks I love
    in picture #8 I saw buddha in the rock
    isn't it nice to have a partner to share these wonders with?

  5. thanks for taking us along on your walk. fantastic photos! love the art in the mud.

  6. This post was just beautiful as are you photos. It also was very informative. Your information about the rocks was very interesting. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. I can never resist a rope swing! But even rope swings can't be as much fun as those sweet little dogs of yours ... they always make me smile!

  8. Hey, Connie. I'm checking back in after a long absence and was delighted to find this post. Your photos of the river are just wonderful! The flow is low right now, but it would be that way if the dams weren't there, too. The hydro project is run based on what's called the "unimpaired hydrograph" of the river, meaning that flows are highest in spring, early summer, lowest in winter, etc. Electra's a little different since it's the end of the PG&E hydro influence on the river, and can fluctuate more as PG&E does and doesn't generate power. I'll send you an e-mail about the photos. Best, Katherine

  9. I rarely go to Box beach because of the people that are there. Your photos are beautiful though. Perhaps I need to try the off-season!


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